Agravity boys chapter 51 release date and spoilers

Looking for some Space Exploration Manga? Then, You are in the right space. Agravity boys is a story of 4 boys who are humanity’s last hope for survival. Find out all about the Agravity boys chapter 51 release date and spoilers below!
Although this Manga is expected to be serious with all the saving humans from extinction, the Writer Atsushi Nakamura surprises the reader by making it funny to the bone.

Agravity boys chapter 51 release date and spoilers

Do you know? The writer kept the first chapter’s title in English even for the Japanese audience.

The story from the start is interesting. So, the main leads of our story Babazulagi. Geralt, Chris, and Saga. These four are all set to leave the earth in the year 2018 for a Fact-finding scientific mission. So, 2 days after they left, the earth was devoured by a black hole. Now, they are all alone, facing an unknown destiny. They reach the destination of Alpha Jumbro and plan to live out there for the rest of their lives. The fans are eager to find out who is ready to be the female among the 4 boys through the help of a superior being.

What happened before chapter 51

In the last chapter,’ Defying Gravity’, our heroes defeat the cosmos eater. In the introduction, they revealed that Baba is dead. Chris cries for the lost friend, and at the end of the conversation with everyone, he refuses to believe that Baba is dead. Geralt tries to make Chris understand that Baba does not exist on the same plane as their’s, but Chris does not believe her after several attempts of him.

Geralt feels that he heard something similar to Baba’s voice, and he starts to dig panically. Everyone around them tells Geralt to keep his composure, but he refuses to accept it.

He finds out a tank top that was Baba’s, and they realize that Baba was talking through the top. They deduce that Baba took out all the energy to fight off that cosmos being. Now, his Body is in fragments around the universe. There is a total of 108 Fragments in the raw universe of Babas. The team comes to a final conclusion that they will search for Baba.

 Agravity boys chapter 51

Further, they find that the tank top they found is actually a fragment of Babazulagi’s sternness. Chris finally has some happy tears. He is happy that there is a possibility of Baba’s existence.

From that day, they searched about every star, planet looking for Baba’s fragments. All three of them went into the deepest space, Defying Gravity. Further, They gather around 105 fragments of Baba. They think that it is not enough, as there are 3 elements missing to finally resurrect Baba.

To their surprise, Baba emerges out from that pile of his fragments. All three of them are happy. They hug each other in a feeling of joy, and the story ends there. This chapter was one of the most emotional chapters seen so far.

Release Date of Agravity boys chapter 51

The epilogue is available to read on Mangaplus. Do not forget to read out since it was just released recently on 25th May 2021.

Spoilers of Agravity boys chapter 51

Although the series was a light-hearted one but in the last chapters, the gang have gone through a lot, from defeating the cosmos eater to facing Baba’s loss. They resurrected him eventually, and the chapter ends on the happy notes.

 Agravity boys chapter 51

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