Attack on Titan episode 77 release date and spoilers

The highly anticipated series Attack on Titan returned with a huge fanfare. Grabbing the most attention of the fans, it became the highlight of 2022. The final part will be proving to be the most intense ever. Throughout all the previous seasons, what we saw. was just a glimpse of an upcoming battle. Attack on Titan episode 77 is still gaining massive popularity from the fans.

In addition to revealing a shocking scene of a dead Levi in Episode 76, “Judgement”, the anticipation of what is going to happen in episode 77 is crossing all the limits.

Attack on Titan episode 76 synopsis

Before moving towards the release date and spoilers of Attack on Titan episode 77, let’s have a brief look at what happened in episode 76.

The episode started Hange holding Levi’s lifeless body. She says Levi is dead, but Flosch asks to check the body. Suddenly, Shasha, the female Pure Titan, distracts them. This allows Hange to escape with Levi’s body. After this, we see an underground survey corp and Jaw protecting Gabi and Pieck. Next, we see Eren’s transformation ad Marley’s ship. Finally, Pieck’s arm gets chopped off. This made her transform and take gabi with her in her escape.

Yelena begs Eren to step back, but he refuses. Then begins the confrontation between Eren and Reiner. Eren said it must have been Reiner to convince Marley to “do something stupid”. They fight and destroy all the buildings around them.

Meanwhile, Pieck and gabi were safe with General Magath. He scolds Pieck. After the scolding, Gabi tells the general and Colt about Falco. Along with 300 soldiers who drank Zeke’s spinal fluid, Falco was detained. Pieck tells the general that the Founding Titan’s power is the key. Gabi recalls Zeke saying, “Now we have both the Founding Titan and the Titan of Royal Blood.

On the other hand, the fight between Eren and Reiner takes a surprising turn. Eren, better than before, overpowers Reiner. But Pieck shoots Eren’s head out of nowhere with a cannon shell. Eren gets shot multiple times but remains standing. Back in the dungeon, Onyakopon asks help from Armin, Jean and Mikasa. Armin and Jean agree to help, but Mikasa does not. So instead, Armin starts an argument with the rest of the survey corps about Eren’s purpose of betrayal.

The episode ends with Eren yelling and destroying Marley’s army.

Attack on Titan episode 77 release date

The Attack on Titan episode 77 release date is Sunday, January 16. We can watch the episode on both official websites like Crunchyroll and Funimation. But the release timing may differ in India, UK and USA. So we’ve to check out whether it is available to watch in our country or not.

Attack on Titan episode 77

Attack on Titan episode 77 spoilers

The episode will show the continuation of the fight for Paradis island. The survey corp and Armin will take arms to fight and protect Eren and the citizens. However, some of them might be less inclined to do so. Falco will also make an appearance. Episode 77 trailer shows an ecstatic Yelena as the Marley airship catch fire. 

What will be the outcome of the fight between Eren’s Founding titan and Reiner’s Armored Titan? To know more exciting information, Stay tuned to our website Wabbitfree.

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