To Your Eternity episode 15

To Your Eternity is an anime adaptation based on the manga that goes with the same name. The writer, as well as the illustrator of the manga, is Yoshitoki Oima. It is one of the most popular ongoing anime right now. The anime was supposed to be released in October 2020. However, due to the … Read more

Ghost Reaper girl chapter 24

Ghost Reaper is a new creation of Akihisa Ikeda. It is a Japanese manga that was initially released on 13th July 2020. Akihisa Ikeda is known for his work, Rosario+Vampire. He is praised for the artwork of this manga like he was for Rosario+Vampire. The manga is officially published in Shōnen Jump Magazine. Till now, … Read more

Spy X family chapter 50

Spy X family is a newly released manga that has become popular among the audience. The writer and illustrator for the manga are Tatsuya Endo. The genre of the manga is action, comedy, and spy. The story has an interesting plot the pulls the readers in so easily. This manga was released on 25th March … Read more

Spy X family chapter 51 release date and spoilers

Spy X family is a fairly new manga series that has gained huge popularity among readers. The writer of the manga is Tatsuya Endo, and this is one of the famous works. Till now the there are 6 volumes of the manga release. However, its massive popularity established has sold over 6 million copies. The … Read more

My hero academia season 5 episode 17

The animes have a great part of pop culture. Most anime have this blend of supernatural power with basic human emotions. The concepts are wide range even in the supernatural phenomenon. My Hero Academia is one such anime with an intriguing plot. The characters of the series also have an extraordinarily mind-capturing backstory and development. … Read more

Shaman King episode 18 release date and spoilers

The Shaman King (2021) is a recently released television anime series. The series is based on the manga whose writer and illustrator is Hiroyuki Takei. The manga has the same name as the anime. Takei, in 2017 during an interview, revealed that he rejected the offer to reboot Shaman King that he received on his … Read more