Battle Game In 5 Seconds episode 2 release date and spoilers

Battle Game In 5 Seconds is an anime recently released. It is based on a web manga whose writer is Saizō Harawata and whose illustrator is Kashiwa Miyako. Its adaptation is made by SynergySP, Vega Entertainment, along Studio A-Cat. It’s was premiered on Tokyo MX on 13th July 2021. Battle Game In 5 Seconds episode 2 will be released.

Battle Game In 5 Seconds episode 2

The story of the anime revolves around a boy who’s is in high school named Akira Shiroyanagi. He is obsessed with games and Konpeito (a Japanese sweet). He’s a student with good grades; however, he believes it’s easy to scores as the school just checks their memorizing power.

One day he way on his way to school, and something strange happens. He and other people of different ages were captured and held in a place unknown by a girl name Mion. She said that they all were here amd now were dead to everyone else in the world. She tells them that they have been granted power by the organisation and will keep them here.

However, Akira doesn’t believe this as he is determined to break free from this place. As week as wishes to destroy the organisation with his new power.

Battle Game In 5 Seconds episode 2 release date

Battle Game In 5 Seconds is a very popular manga, and fans are eagerly waiting for more episodes. The second episode of Battle Game In 5 Seconds is scheduled to be released on 19 July 2021. The episode will be Tokyo MX. It will also be able on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

Recap of the first episode of Battle Game In 5 Seconds

The first episode starts with Akira play on his computer in his home before leaving for school. After having his breakfast in a messed-up house, he walks toward school. Even on the way to school, he keeps playing his game. He believes that real life is boring, and he escapes from it with the help of games. While thinking about this, suddenly a car stops on the opposite side of the road, and a strange-looking man walks out. He creates havoc on the street and approaches Akira. Seeing this, Akira runs away into an abandoned building.

Akira starts strategizing how he would get out of this trouble if it was a game. He makes a plan and defeats the strange-looking man. As he defeats that man, a girl appears and shoots him on hand, and he lost consciousness in the pool of his blood.

Battle Game In 5 Seconds episode 2

Mion’s Appearance

When he wakes up, he finds himself in an unknown place. Then he looks at his arm and sees that it was fine, like what occurred before never happened. There were many people just like him. Their hands were in some kind of lock. When he was thinking all this, the girl whom he met before appears. She introduces herself and says her name is Mion.

She tells them that they were not alive anymore in the eyes of the world. To this, one of the men among the crowd walks up to her angrily, and before he could even complete his sentence, she shoots him. He dies on the spot, and this shocks everyone as well as scares them. Then she tells them that they have given on abilities like her. And will do what is told.

Each of them was then asked to go to the given room with necessities. Also, provided them with a letter in which their powers were written. Then they were called to fight one on one match.

Spoilers of Battle Game In 5 Seconds episode 2

The second episode of Battle Game In 5 Seconds will be out soon. The fans are waiting for more episodes to be animated of the anime. The upcoming episode will reveal Akira’s power and how he will use his ability to defeat his opponent. Stay updated on freshly coming animes with Wabbitfree.

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