Black clover chapter 296 release date and spoilers

A fan of Magic? Then, this is the Manga for you. Black Clover is all about magic. The story follows our hero Asta. He is a young boy full of energy and zest for life. He knows that he does not possess magic, and he is fine with it. Asta built up his strength on exceptional levels. Yūki Tabata created the manga series. Is Asta going to find a way to make him the most powerful mage, or is he going to subside with the people telling him what to do, what not to do? Check out all about Black clover chapter 296 release date and spoilers below !!!!

Black clover chapter 296 release date and spoilers

Now, Asta is an excellent swordsman. He is skilful as well as possesses great strength. He knew that he might not be that magical, so he trained hard to achieve skills that help in hand to hand combat. Asta is an orphan who grew up at an orphanage with a fellow child Yuno. Yuno, on the contrary, has immense magical powers. He can control wind magic with ease. To become a Wizard King, both friends develop a friendly rivalry to see who will get closer to be a Wizard King.

Even though Asta does not possess any powers. He equips a five-leaf grimoire which had some unknown elf swords and some spirit type structured Devil race, who uses anti-magic. After this, both kids move forward to join the group’s magic knight squad. They were one step ahead to get closer to their goals.

What happened previously?

In the previous episode, the revenge matches the scene opens up with Vanica thinking about Noelle. She notices that she is much stronger than before. On the other hand, Noelle sees what Vanica has done to Lolopechka. Vanica sighs and says that she is glad that Noelle got stronger, and at the same time, Charlotte thinks that why Undine is on Noelle’s side.

Then, we get a flashback to days ago where Dyrad informs Noelle that she needs certain power to use Ultimate Magic. To her surprise, Undine appears, and both Noelle and Undine get into an argument. Noelle asks Undine that why did not she taught anyone else to fight off Vanica. Undine gave her reasons as she was a guest on the heart kingdom, and she met Lolopechka there. She saw her potential and taught her. Lolopechka was so kind that she refused to harm another soul. Undine explains that it was her bad deed to keep saint sage away from Lolopechka.

Black clover chapter 296 release date and spoilers

After this, Undine feels responsible for everything that happened to her. Lolopechka got kidnapped and cursed. Undine cries at this situation, and Noelle exclaims that she and she have common goals to save Lolopechka. Noelle promises undine that she will bring back Lolopechka safely.

Noelle and Vanica then enter into a heated battle when Noelle sees that Lolopechka was suffering. She uses her magic and her Saint Valkyrie Armor spell in the battle. She says that she is going to destroy Vanica.

Release Date of Black clover chapter 296

The next chapter of Black clover is going to release on 20th June, 2021. The Manga is available to read on Viz Media.

Spoilers of Black clover chapter 296

So till yet, we have seen that Noelle and Vanica go into a fight that gets intense in a second. Noelle is angry and wants to take revenge on Vanica for capturing Lolopechka and making her do things that are not just and are not done by her willingly.

Black clover chapter 296 release date and spoilers

Now, the battle is getting more intense as Noelle uses her Saint Valkyrie Armor spell, and now she is saying that she will destroy Vanica for what she has done. Well, is she going to be successful in her quest, or is she going to fail in her revenge match?

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