Black Clover chapter 299 Release Date and Spoilers

If you are a fan of magic, conspiracies, tricks, and tackles, then this series is going to stand in your dreams. Black Clover is a Japanese Anime and Manga series that exemplifies the fine work of Yuki Tabata, a highly regarded Japanese writer. Check out all about the latest episode of Black Clover chapter 299 release date and spoilers.

black clover chapter 299

This is the story of a magical fantasy world, where magic is the identity, honour, status, and power of people. But the biggest twist of the storyline is that the story of this anime revolves around a person who does not even know magic. Still, he has a strong desire to become the caliph of the magical world. The story begins with an orphan child named Asta, who left to be raised in an orphanage alongside his fellow orphan Yuno.

On one side, there is Asta with no magic, and on the other hand, Yuno possesses infinite magical powers. Both motivated by a desire to become the next wizard king but, in between the pursuit of becoming the next caliph of the magical world, the two youth develops a friendly rival, but at times their love and respect for each other, unfathomable magical powers, emotional up’s and down’s, dangerous enemy and their thrilling journey all these things make Black Clover a pure delight to watch.

Black Clover chapter 299

Previously on Black Clover

Previously on black clover, the episode begins with a blast, Megicula was talking to someone, saying, “we are still on the first gate’, Megicula somehow confessed that Acer was the 3rd woman indeed of her same-sex condition, to manifest and mentions Aicer dying of her curse, Megicula can manifest as she has contracted with Vanica, who’s is already dying, In addition to having cursed Acier to death and also cured Loropechika” once both Vanica and Loro are dead Megicula would have been fully manifest.

We also came to see that Lolo now has a Demon Water Magic. Lolo has also changed into Devil. After this incident, we came to see a fight between Rill, Charlotte Noelle, and Gaja vs. Lolopechika, in which Lolo gets an opening hand against Gaja, and Gaja gets impaled through the stomach badly.

Chapter 298 was the shortest chapter ever. What will happen next? If someone comes to save the day for Noelle and the rest, who will it be? This is the big mystery that will be solved in the next episode.

Release Date of Black Clover Chapter 299

Black Clover chapter 299 is likely to be released on Sunday 11th July 2021. All the chapters of Black Clover are available Online on Viz Media unless there is no unexpected delay.

Black Clover Chapter 299

Spoilers of Black Clover chapter 299

As far as we think, Noella and Gaja will face a lot of bad times in this chapter as well. It will be very difficult for Noella to defeat Megicula. To be honest, We have only this much information at the moment. As soon as we came to know something new, we will try to reach it to you immediately. keep visiting our website for further notifications wabbitfree.

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