Black clover chapter 299

Black Clover is a popular Japanese manga. Yuki Tabata has written and illustrated the manga. It was published in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazines. It was published by Shueisha and imprinted by Jump Comic. Black clover is an ongoing manga. A while back, Black clover chapter 299 was released.

The storyline of Black Clover

In the world of magic, there was a boy with no in Clover kingdom. His name was Asta. He was an orphan brought up along with Yuno, a boy of his age. They both stay in the church along with other orphan kids in the exterior parts of the kingdom. The exterior parts were also considered a low magic zone. The people who lived here had a small amount of mana. However, Yuno was a prodigy, gifted with incredible mana. He and Asta were completely different in character though they had the same goal. They both wanted to become the Wizard King, who is a very respected and powerful place in the Kingdom.

Black clover chapter 299

At the age of fifteen years, they both get their grimoire. Yuno gets a rare four-leaf clover grimoire. The first Wizard King also owned the four-leaf clover grimoire. It is also considered that it brings good luck. Though Asta didn’t have any magic ability, he also gets a grimoire. His grimoire was a five-leaf clover. It was said that in the five-leaf grimoire stay the devil. With the five-leaf clover grimoire, Asta gets an anti-magic sword.

Then both of them goes to join the magic knights. Yuno joins the Golden Dawn, whereas Asta joins the black bull. Following their thread of fate, they work hard to become the wizard king. Along the way, they discovered many things unknown to the world.

Black Clover chapter 299: Demise/Death of the Disciple/Apprentice

Chapter 299 of Black Clover was a cliffhanger. That left the fans so hungry for the next chapter. There is so much left a complete mystery. The fight between Gaja and Vanica was a success or not will be known in the next chapter.

Black clover chapter 299

Black Clover chapter 299 was released on 11th July 2021. The title of the chapter was “Demise/Death of the Disciple/Apprentice”. The chapters of Black Clover is available on Viz Media.

Summary of Chapter 299 of Black Clover

The chapter beings with Noelle beaten down by Vanica. Noelle’s Sanit Stage power has worn off. Vanica says to Noelle to give up, that it was no use for her to continue as she won’t win. Meanwhile, Gaja is trying to control Lolopechka, who is under her curse. She wounded Gaja while he thinks that how he wasn’t good enough to be a Spirit Guardian. He trained so hard even though he wasn’t able to defeat Megicula and Vanica.

He remembers the time when he went to apologise to Lolopechka, his queen. Also, he says to her that he wasn’t fit to be the Spirit Guardian as it was his fault that he wasn’t able to protect his queen, and she got cursed. Still, she says that she was much happier that everyone else was safe, and she thanks him for that. Gaja believes that it was his fault that he tried to save everyone, and she became this twisted form. That will hurt and wound others, a thing which Lolopechka never wanted to do.

Black clover chapter 299

Gaja Vs Vanica

Gaja decides that he will this time protect Lolopechka. He promises himself that neither he will hurt her and nor let her hurt someone else. After that, he says that the wounds give by Lolopechka will not hurt him. Then, he steadies her for few moments to deal with Vanica.

He approaches straight for Vanica that this time he will convert his life into magic. And will destroy the devil who caused all the troubles. Then with all the life force left in him, cast ultimate lightning magic: Apocalypra Astrauza. The magic of the spell not completely erased by the decaying world. In the meantime, Noelle gets up to use all Saint stage power she had.

Black clover chapter 299

The chapter ends there, with Megicula and Vanica disappeared in the smoke. Gaja stands there, looking almost beaten to death. Noelle trying to use the opening made by Gaja. If you wish to know more about the upcoming chapter, visit Wabbitfree.

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