Black Clover chapter 300 release date and spoilers

Black Clover is a Japanese manga series released in February 2016. Yuki Tabata is the writer and illustrator of the manga. Shueisha published it in the Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine. The English language publisher of the manga is Viz Media. It is a popular ongoing manga. Black Clover chapter 300 will be soon released.

The story of the manga revolves around an orphan boy named Asta. He was brought up with a fellow orphan of his age named Yuno. They both spent their childhood together on the outskirts of the kingdom. A region that is considered a low magic region as people here have low magic power. However, unlike Yuno, who is a prodigy with gifted magical ability, Asta has no magic ability. Asta is a boy with no mana to do magic like all the other people of the kingdom. Yet, he’s not one of the people to give up easily and focuses on physical training to make himself stronger.

Black Clover chapter 300

Both of them desired to become the Wizard King, an authority figure second to the king of the Clover Kingdom. And eventually, develop a friendly rivalry. Finally, at the age of fifteen, both of them gets their grimoire like all the other kids in the kingdom. Yuno gets a rarely seen four-leaf grimoire, the same as the first wizard king. At the same time, Asta, who doesn’t have any magic, gets a five-leaf grimoire about which there is no much known. Nonetheless, it provided him with an anti-magic sword.

After that, they both join the magic knights and discover their fate. Asta joins Black Bulls, and Yuno joins Golden Dawn. As well as make their way towards becoming the wizard king.

Black Clover chapter 300 release date

The Black Clover chapter 300, titled “Gaja’s Sacrifice”, will be released on 18th July 2021. The episodes will be available on Viz Media.

Recap of chapter 299 of Black Clover

Black Clover chapter 300

Previously we have seen in chapter 299 of Black Clover that Gaja, even after rigorous training for years, protects the heart kingdom. Unfortunately, he couldn’t protect his queen from Megicula and Vainica, and she ends up cursed. When Lolopechika gets cursed, Gaja apologises to her. However, she says that she could control the curse and no devil troubling her.

Though both were unaware that the devils would return reclaiming Lolopechika as well as destroying the Heart Kingdom, Gaja feels that he shouldn’t be a Spirit Guardian as he failed to protect the kingdom. But Lolopechika says that none in the kingdom got hurt, and he shouldn’t consider it’s responsibility alone. To this, Gaja realises that Lolopechika is a very generous person as she easily forgives people.

Also, we witnessed Gaja and Noelle are crushed by Megicula’s overpowering strength. Gaja heads for Megicula, but he realizes that before doing that, he has to stop Lolopechika. He promises not to hurt or kill her. Lolopechika hits him hard, but he says that it was nothing and he won’t die. He, despite the pain, gets on and unleashes Lightning Magic: Apocalypra Astauza. Separating Megicula from Vanica.

While the Decaying World was unable to erase Ultimate Lightning Magic, Noelle remembers that she has something to do. She uses her Saint Stage to erase the weak spot. The chapter ends as Megicula and Vanica disappear somewhere in the smoke.

Spoilers for Black Clover chapter 300

Though there are no official spoilers, there is a certainty that the fans will see the true form of Megicula as well as that if Gaja will live or not. The last blow from him to free his queen Lolopechika made him spend most of his life force. Most probably, Gaja will die as suggested by the title of the chapter “Gaja’s Sacrifice”.

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