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One of the top-notch affiliate programs that allow bloggers and affiliate marketers to earn huge commissions. Bluehost hosting services was founded back in 2003 and now powering more than 2 million websites worldwide—an enormous way to monetize your time. Be your boss and start earning with Bluehost. As an Affiliate member of Bluehost, you will get $65- $130 for each sale you have generated from your affiliate link. In this blog, you will be able to know more about Bluehost Affiliate programs and some obliging ideas. 


Here are the simple steps to help you, from signing up in Bluehost to making money online through its Affiliate Program.

Sign Up

  • Go to the Bluehost Affiliate Program and Click on Sign Up.”
  • Fill out a simple signup form which is free of cost, by entering your basic details.
  • After putting up your details, Click on the “Sign Up” tab to proceed.
  • Provide your tax details via Tax form. Without completing this form, you won’t be able to receive any payment from Bluehost.
  • To fill out a tax form, you need to click on “Settings”> “Tax Form.”
  • Now, you are all set to become a Bluehost India Affiliate.


  • Once you join their program, they will give you a dedicated affiliate link. Each affiliate has a unique link.
  • You can see the “links” option at the top of the menu bar.
  • Place this affiliate link with your blog or website in the form of text links or banner ads.
  • Start promoting Bluehost Products by using the customized link. Use your social media accounts, blog posts, websites, etc., to promote Bluehost India’s services.
  • Visitors are redirected to the Bluehost Website whenever they click on that link.
  • Once the user purchases a product through your affiliate link, a sale is registered in your name.

Make Money

  • You will get paid if a visitor buys something by clicking on your link.
  • You get a credit every time a qualified sale is made to your affiliate link. In short, the more you promote, the more you get.
  • You’ll earn $65 from each successful sale you make by promoting the Bluehost products.
  • You can earn upto Rs.5000 per qualifying signup at Bluehost India.


There are several ways to promote your Bluehost products online. Make use of these techniques to enhance the reach of the customers. 

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Blogging is one of the most suitable ways of promoting products. It is an effective promotion method of marketing. Through Blogging, you can inform the customer about your product or service. You can tell them its uses, specifications, advantages and disadvantages, cost, etc. They may get to know many things before and after buying it. In today’s era, everyone would like to search for that particular product or service when planning to buy it. Therefore, Blogging plays a significant role in promoting brands, ultimately generating website traffic.


It is an awesome way to promote your links and special incentives to the customers. Email marketing enables you to send an email to a bunch of addresses and gain a few customers. 

Once you reach your targeted audience, you will be able to grow a network of subscribers that are eager to hear from you and are happy when they do.


Instagram is also a great platform to deliver your ideas. You can inform your Instagram followers about Bluehost products and promote them on your account. The more relevant information you provide to your viewers, the chances of gaining trust gets higher. You can add affiliate links on Instagram Stories, IGTV, descriptions, and Instagram’s link in the bio, which helps in marketing the brand.


On Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, Bluehost offers amazing deals on their hosting packages. You can promote these exciting deals on your website to drive new customers.

Inform visitors about your affiliate marketing website’s products and services that fit their needs. You will get a commission each time you make a successful referral.

So, these are the various methods of promoting your Bluehost’s products. The marketing of the products and services creates awareness and consideration in customers. You will get better and more qualified leads if you successfully promote your product.


Bluehost provides the best Affiliate Programs as it has knowledgeable affiliated managers. Their immense help and guidance will support you throughout your journey.

To build a Bluehost Affiliate Website, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the website. Click on Hosting – Shared Hosting.
  • Choose a hosting web package and click on “Select.”
  • Register a new “Domain Name.”
  • Add account details and your preferred Domain Name. Click on “Continue” to proceed.
  • Enter your payment details and “Submit.”


Bluehost accepts various payment options such as: 

  • Credit Cards 
  • PayPal Instant Payments
  • Purchase orders
  • Money Orders (USD only)


Bluehost Affiliate Marketing offers a performance-based reward to its affiliates when they refer a new customer. Affiliates can use a combination of online tools to generate leads on the web page. Inbound Marketing, interact with customers so that they can find you when they need you.

To get successful with Affiliate Marketing in the long run, you need to build an audience and gain their trust. Once you succeed in gaining the trust of valuable customers, then you surely will do your best. Become a Bluehost Affiliate, promote a quality product and earn a high commission.

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