Minecraft scape and run: parasite mod 1.12.2

Minecraft scape and run

The Minecraft scape and run parasite mod add on the aggressive parasites themed mob into your world of Minecraft & dimension. This occurs so that you can fight these scary and dangerous creeps. Fighting with them can help you to learn techniques and get evolved. The parasites involved have no biomes. That’s why you’ll find … Read more

Secret items in rocket league you must know!

secret items in rocket league

The craze of rocket league is right on the top in every gamers mind. They want to learn more about it for better gameplay. Don’t worry, guys! Here I’ve brought some most amazingly 10 secret items in rocket league that you must know. secret items of rocket league source Talking about the items available in … Read more

Bumblebee transformer car in rocket league. How to do it?

Bumblebee transformer car in rocket league

A Bumblebee, a fictional robotic machine present in many series of transformers, can transform himself into a cybertronian car, Suzuki swift Volkswagen beetle or a muscle car. In Japan, “bumblebee” is also known as a gold bug. It functions as a spy, scout, director, espionage. Bumblebee motive says, “the least likely can be the most … Read more