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CloudWays is a web hosting provider that combines traditional hosting services with the latest technologies. The provider is the best at total user customization. It has a user-friendly interface that harnesses the potential of cloud hosting for WordPress websites. It is an exceptional hosting platform that lets users monitor the server size by observing traffic on their website.

CloudWays has some interesting features that make it stand out from the rest of the cloud-based web hosting services. It has loads of services to cater to the hosting needs of small businesses. Here is a CloudWays review that will tell you why it is your ideal web hosting provider.

A Complete CloudWays Review 

CloudWays review

Even though CloudWays does not offer email and domain registration, it has loads of other perks. Over time, CloudWays has proved to be the best-managed web hosting provider. In this CloudWays review, we will walk you through the perks of CloudWays and the reasons why it is the finest :

1.      Customer Support

Customers are critical to all businesses, and hosts should prioritize their service. CloudWays enable this by advancing 24/7/365 support to their customers. They have a live chat option to get in touch with the customers and a ticketing system to address queries. Other than through texts, users can connect to the Cloudways support system via phone calls. Cloudways allows users to approach the active community of individuals to get solutions to their problems. With their round-the-clock monitoring of the user’s website, Cloudways ensures that everything is on track.

2.      Free Website Migration

CloudWays enable easy migration of your site to various servers across the globe. The one free WordPress migration service will spare you all the redundant efforts. They are designed so that CloudWays engineers will migrate the website for you. It has cache plugins for the users to migrate efficiently through as many WordPress sites as they wish. Cloudways will also make multiple copies of your work and offer a one-click backup of your site. 

3.      Easy-to-Use Website

Being a renowned cloud hosting provider, Cloudways offers users a hassle-free experience. It provides scalability of resources and has a built-in feature that augments speed. Cloudways has an automated self-healing server to minimize downtime. With Cloudways at your service, you can set up a WordPress website with just a few clicks. It manages server optimization on behalf of the users. Also, it allows users to set up websites on any of the five infrastructure providers, including DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, AWS, and Google Cloud. 

4.      Managed WordPress Hosting

Since it is an in-depth Cloudways review, and WordPress is an integral part of it, we need to discuss the WordPress hosting service of Cloudways. ThunderStack technology is offered by CloudWays review to offer fully optimized managed WordPress hosting. The servers have dedicated plugins and resources packed with the latest technology. The SSD-based WordPress hosting lets you fully control your WordPress hosting and manage it efficaciously. 

 5.  Improved Security

Security comes as a critical factor while hosting WordPress websites. CloudWays offer free SSL certification with a single click. It also provides platform-level secure firewalls for WordPress websites to ensure data safety. All CloudWays servers are independent of each other. One faulty server would not affect the functionality of other servers. CloudWays engineers safeguard the user’s data to offer a robust platform. There is two-factor authentication for your CloudWays account as well. Their servers have the fastest version of PHP, i.e., PHP 7.

6.      Speed and Performance

CloudWays CDN provides an extremely fast server and a beginner-friendly control panel. The ThunderStack formula and the SSD storage features make a revolutionary formula to enable the fastest performance. They reduce the website loading time and offer faster server speeds than their rivals. The fast servers ensure that the content is delivered to the target audience at the earliest. No matter the traffic on the CloudWays website, it never forgets its aim to provide the speediest experience to users through dedicated resources. 

 7.      Excellent Uptime and Team Collaboration 

The Cloudways review is incomplete without mentioning the commendable 99.9 % uptime guaranteed by Cloudways. They advance a service level agreement, and if they fail to offer the service, Cloudways issues compensation to their customers and offer warrant credits.

Cloudways allows the user’s team to collaborate, assign tasks, and transfer servers to others. It enables the cloning of applications and servers, and lets users manage multiple websites in one go. It ensures that users publish the perfect projects by providing access to staging areas and SSH AND SFTP. 

8.      Make Easy Payments

Users have the ultimate liberty to make payments as and when they wish. CloudWays follow a pay-as-you-go model, which allows you to pay for the resources you use. Cloudways also lets you pay the traditional way monthly or annually. It ensures that no user has to pay more than the services he availed. It advances a three-day free trial to give users an idea about the know-how of their website. Cloudways helps users to add funds to their accounts to facilitate pre-payment.


Final Words

By availing yourself of services like CloudWays, you can experience the best of the cloud hosting providers. Its seamless management and performance make CloudWays different from other cloud hosting platforms. It makes deploying the WordPress website easier than a traditional host could offer. It focuses on simplifying cloud-based hosting for people with non-tech backgrounds. CloudWays never compromise performance, and they work towards making it a user-friendly experience. This CloudWays review aimed at providing users with a deeper insight into the service provider and enabling users to make a prudent decision. 

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