Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74

Dragon Ball Super is a Japanese manga and anime series that is a sequel to the popular Dragon Ball Z. Dragon Ball is all about adventure, martial arts, and fantasy. Maybe that is the reason this is a favorite among the fans. It is written by Akira Toriyama and illustrated by Toyotarou. The official publishers of the manga are Shueisha and Viz Media. Here we will reveal what happened in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 in detail. To read more about this manga, visit our official website Wabbitfree.

This manga series chronicles the adventures of Goku during his ten-year time skip after the defeat of Majin Buu. It involves the recalling of the previous events in the film Battle of Gods and Resurrection F . When Goku attains the powers of God, where he must first learn how to use the unlimited new powers under the gods of his universe.

The Main Characters in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74

GOKU – Well, all the 90s kids loved him. He is the main protagonist and hero in the complete manga series. He is one of the survivors of the extinct Saiyan race. He was sent to the planet in order to destroy it. However, due to an accident, he lost his memory and became a kind and loving guy who is also the best warrior martial artist.

VEGETA – He is the prince of all the Saiyans. Previously he was the antagonist in the dragon ball franchise but later evolved to be a hero by joining Goku’s side. He is an exceptional fighting prodigy who has trained himself since childhood. Vegeta has natural martial art talents and immense chi control.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74

Lets recap what happened previously in Dragon Ball Super

Before moving forward, let us recall the plot of Dragon Ball Super chapter 73, where Jaco’s hostage Watagash escapes due to his overconfidence. While Gohan is working studiously on his computer but later joins his wife and daughter for watching television which telecasted a movie with Mr. Satan. To his shock, Mr. Satan brings Gohan and Videl to the sets of the film, where he starts flirting with the actress. He is stopped by Gohan and Videl to not spill the beans about the hybrid hero as he will lose his job.

Even Kahn comes and flirts with Videl, but she doesn’t impress with him. She considers Gohan as cooler than him. In order to help the stuntman, Gohan volunteers on the sets as primary stuntmen. Despite Kahn being the disturbing element, the director supports Gohan in his work. Unfortunately, Gohan takes his new gig too far. With Super suit back in his hands, great Saiyaman begins working on real-life crimes and even disrupts Krillin when the police officer tries to nab some bank robbers.

The review of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74

The Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 is already released on 20 July 2021 on Viz Media and Shueisha for the readers. It involves Vegeta and Granolah awesome fighting scenes. Vegeta reveals to Granolah that neither he nor Goku works for Freiza, but Granolah laughs it off. Despite being told the truth, Granolah still wants to take revenge on all the Saiyans. Hearing this, Vegeta evolves to Super Saiyan Blue Evolved. He combines Super Saiyan Blue Evolved mode with the destruction powers he has learned from Beerus to launch a barrage of Hakai-like attacks.

But unfortunately, Granolah easily dodges the attacks and quickly counters by lifting a giant boulder and hitting Vegeta with it. Granolah follows by giving a powerful attack at Vegeta’s stomach. Vegeta tries to counter with an energy blast, yet he dodges again. Having no other options left, he decides to fight closely with him now. They both start fighting all over planet Cereal. Vegeta is in a losing position where he flies to a spot, but Granolah directs a massive energy attack towards him. Even then, Vegeta does not give up. In the end, we see Granolah energy blast finished by Vegeta energy.

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