Edens Zero episode 10 release date and spoilers

Humans, Aliens, and Sentient robots all in one place…How is that possible? Yes, it is… In the Edens Zero universe, these three may be living together and in peace, or is it peace? Eden Zero is an anime made by Hiro Mashima. This Adventure/ Fantasy/Science Fiction is the story of Shiki Granbell. Shiki Granbell is a guy living among robots on the planet of Granbell. The art style of the anime is eye-capturing, and the creatures shown are life-like. So, Check out all about the Edens Zero episode 10 release date and spoilers!!!

Edens Zero episode 10 release date and spoilers

Granbell is a deserted theme park type of world in Sakura Cosmos. Shiki meets Rebecca Bluegarden and her pet Happy the cat while they were shooting for their video. They had a social media account for which they needed a video. So, they came on Granbell. So, Park robots force them off the planet so Shiki could be saved before his batteries die out.

Now, These three go on the adventure to search for the Mother as Mother is the fabled goddess of the cosmos. She fulfills the wishes of people. So, the trio is hoping that they are going to meet the Mother, and she is going to grant a wish to Shiki.

What happened just before ?

Now, The 9th episode of Eden Zero, titled Plant Guilst, starts off with Rebecca being captured by Rogue Out. She hears out three men talking in the distance. She recognizes one, Jim. On Eden Zero, Witch was preparing the ship while Shiki vows that he will bring back Rebecca safely. Now, Rebecca discovers that she and other B-cubers are being kidnapped to be sold to Ilega. She bravely saves a B- cuber from being abused for amazement. So, Rebecca is thinking about a rebellion, but someone tells her that it is not going to work.

Shiki learns about the Guilst from the witch. The witch says that she can not do anything for the state that happiness is in. Weisz says that he went onto the ship with some unknown woman. She wanted to heal them and called herself Homura. She says that she also possesses the Ether Gear.

Edens Zero episode 10 release date and spoilers

Eden Zero reaches the Destination with a bit of distance from Guilst. Witch cautions every member to be careful. They all go down into the streets and start their search. Shiki finds Wood ether interesting but comes to his sense of finding Rebecca. They reach Rogue one’s den. So, Shiki barges into the place despite Weisz tells him not to do so. Then, They search the whole place but turns out that it had nothing. Now, they are alone with a statue of an angel in the middle of a church. They suddenly hear the voice of an angel. So, The angel asks what do they want.

Lastly, the episode ends when the angel then splits in half revealing an android. The android introduces itself as the Sister. The Sister is the leader of Rogue one.

Release Date of Edens Zero episode 10

The 10th episode of Edens Zero is going to release on 13th June, 2021. The Anime is available to stream on Hulu and Netflix.

Spoilers of Edens Zero episode 10

Now yet, we have seen that Shiki reaches Guilst after so much difficulty, and Rebecca, on the other hand, is facing so much pain and humiliation from the Rogue One’s people. So, Shiki took a vow to get Rebecca back on Eden Zero safely. Though he got distracted after reaching Guilst he quickly sorted his priorities. Now, they are facing an android claiming that it is Sister, the leader of the Rogue One.

Will they be able to bargain with Sister? Or they will fail in this important mission of saving Rebecca from Rogue One’s group. We do not have any official news right now but keep on checking our website regularly only on Wabbitfree.

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