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Get more views on Youtube: Tubebuddy. 

YouTubers upload over 30,000 hours of new content every hour. Statistically, over 5 billion videos are watched every day. It is easy to create content on Youtube; the real challenge is to make it visible to the target audience. YouTube views determine the overall popularity of a video. Hence, creators need a tool that helps them get more views on YouTube. Tubebuddy is the most popular and useful extension for Youtubers to get more views. 

Tubebuddy Tools to get more views

The YouTube algorithm is a recommendation system that suggests videos to the viewers. On average, Youtube has 20 million active users daily. The odds raise an important question for content creators. How do you get YouTube’s algorithm to recommend your videos and help get more views? The solution to this dilemma is to download the Tubebuddy extension. Here are the interesting Tubebuddy tools to get more views:

Keyword Explorer 

The Keyword Explorer shows the trending topics. It is the best place to check the ultimate keywords to help your videos rank higher in search results and ultimately get more views. This tool helps discover trending tags. It keeps your videos relevant for a longer time. Keyword Explorer finds long-tailed search terms that have higher conversion value. 

Video SEO

A Youtuber wants their video to show up in search. The higher a video ranks in search results, the more people will view it. Video SEO tools help your videos rank higher, which results in more clicks, which means you get more views. It suggests matching tags that people use for searching videos. And it provides helpful hints on popular trends and search phrases. It also translates your video title and description to reach more worldwide audiences. Videos rank higher across the world with the use of the suggested tags and phrases. 

Thumbnail Generator

A good thumbnail invites viewers to click on the video. If the thumbnail is not appealing, viewers will ignore the video. Tubebuddy’s Thumbnail Generator creates professional quality thumbnails using still frames from the creator’s videos. YouTubers don’t have to depend on third-party apps or software anymore. It is a time-saving tool. 


Search Positions

YouTubers can get more views on YouTube once they understand how their videos perform in the YouTube search. It helps understand whether certain tags are helping your video or diverting viewers. Search positions help track video rank positions weekly. 

A/B Testing 

Tubebuddy offers to conduct A/B testing. It investigates which titles, thumbnails, tags, and descriptions work in your favor and which do not. Creators can test their thumbnails live against each other on Youtube to see which one performs better statistically. The test finds out what works for the video to help get more views.

Advanced Video Embed

YouTube considers embedded video clicks are views. Tubebuddy creates embed codes to place a video directly on a website. Viewers can play the video without having to leave the page. Creators can also customize the look of their embedded video or playlist. Video embedding helps get more views on YouTube. 

Insta Suggest 

Proper and correct tags help reach videos to their desired audience. Tags play an important role to gain more views. Tubebuddy suggests tags in real-time. It offers useful hints on popular trends and shows what people are searching. If the researched tags help gain more views on YouTube, they can be saved for future use. 

Language Analysis 

Recognizing the audience’s demographics plays a huge role in getting more views on YouTube. This tool analyses the language spoken by the audience. The tool translates titles and descriptions to cater to the audience. The data collected helps learn more about the viewers so that YouTubers understand whom to target in videos. 

Click Magnet 

Identifying high-performing videos is important to understand the content that needs to be created. Advanced analytics help in clicks and get viewers watching. Click magnet’s proper use helps gain more views on YouTube. It offers options to group, sort, view, and export the data of the most important video in terms of performance.

Competitor Scorecard 

A Competitor’s performance needs to be studied properly to develop your channel. Tubebuddy helps compare the competition in views, subscribers, uploads, and engagements. Analyzing the competitor’s channel holds answers for creators to get more views on YouTube. Tubebuddy will notify when a competitor uploads a video via email, text, or notifications on its platform. 


Graphs and data are important to compare one’s channel with the competitors’. Channelytics compares the number of views, subscribers, and video uploads made in 30 days of the competitor’s channel. Upon learning this, YouTubers can understand where they lack and make improvements to get more views on YouTube. 

Best time to Publish

Publishing videos when your audience is most active helps gain more views on YouTube. Tubebuddy helps in identifying the time when the viewers are the most active. 


Engaging with the audience makes them feel more involved. It helps connect personally with the channel. Tubebuddy helps to run contests across various social media platforms to choose a winner. It is a great way to gain more views on YouTube. 

Final Thoughts 

Starting a YouTube channel can be done easily. The real challenge is creating a strong, loyal subscriber base. Views are important to decide the success of published videos. Without a high number of views, there will be no ad revenue. The creation of the Tubebuddy extension helps creators tackle this issue. To get more views on YouTube, get the Tubebuddy extension now. 

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