Godzilla S.P episode 8 release date and spoilers

Big monster animes are always fascinating to watch like Godzilla Singular point. This anime is getting so much attention from anime lovers all over the globe that it made it one of the most trending anime currently running. It is created by “Bones and Orange Animation“. On March 25, 2021, the first episode of Godzilla S.P aired on Netflix. We already received episode 7 of this magnificent series and ready to go for the next one. In this article, we will discuss the Godzilla S.P episode 8 release date and spoilers we got.

The story reloves around the two protagonists one is a female researcher “Mei Kamino” and a young male engineer “Yun Arikawa”. These two heroes of the storyline face a threat from their companies. And they and their Godzilla S.P team fought with the threat together.

Release Date of Godzilla S.P episode 8

As we already got the last episode on May 06, 2021, and orange animation officially announced the release date of Godzilla S.P episode 8. it will be airing on May 13, 2021, at 10:30 according to the Japanese standard timeline.

Where to watch the Episode 8?

There is much application which allows you to stream animes, but these all third party application cannot be trusted. that we always recommend you to go for the official sites. You can stream the Godzilla S.P episode 8 on Netflix. you can also watch this website on Crunchyroll, and on Funimation.

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Godzilla S.P Episodes Recap

Before jumping to the spoilers of the Godzilla S.P episode 8 let’s have a quick recap of previous episodes. Guards recognize a gigantic beast mythical serpent, and they froze. Yun asks them what’s going on, and they point behind him while shuddering and perspiring. Yun saw the tail, however, he was not terrified, and he chose to follow what he saw. Then, Mei is examining baffling episodes and beasts that are assaulting the city. The scientists have figured out how to catch one of the beasts. They understand that this one isn’t equivalent to the past flying beast.

Godzilla S.P episode 8

Nothing can scratch or damage the mythical beast that they have caught. The mythical serpent began rampaging, and the teacher advised the watchmen to peer it inside. He uncovers that this is the offender that has been wrecking with their radar. The analysts were stunned since they have never seen a risky and amazing beast like this one. Back in the forested areas, Yun follows a path of blood, and he climbs the slope. In the wake of climbing the slope, he observes the unimaginable and thinks about the thing he is taking a gander at.

Yun bounces from the slope and heads towards the lake. He watches the mythical beast drinking water, and he didn’t respond, yet when he stepped on top of the leaf the beast took note. The beast turned behind and found that it is a human. The beast saw that this person intends no damage, and it didn’t respond. Yet, Haberu, Kai, and the watchmen showed up at the scene and committed an immense error by assaulting the beast. Yun is disillusioned; for what reason did they assault it when it intends no damage.

Godzilla S.P episode 8 Spoilers

As for now, we have not got any official leaked spoilers about the Godzilla S.P episode 8. We can only assume that this will be going to happen in the upcoming episode. But we don’t how will the plot of the storyline changed. We will update this section when we got some officially announced leaked spoilers.

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