Money-making is tricky for freelancers, especially when they’re newbies. A big part of managing customers is interacting with customers through cold e-mails, sending updates, and launching marketing campaigns. Doing all this frequently can be a bit overwhelming, especially for freelancers that don’t have a workforce.  If you had a service that eases your burden and allows you to do your cold pitches effortlessly, you would readily use it, wouldn’t you? GMass for Gmail provides all the benefits you want and more.  

Money-Making Through GMass

GMass is more than just another mass e-mailing service. It offers affiliate programs and other ways to help you make good money. However, one needs to learn the art of cold pitching to get noticed in the first place.

1. Selling Your Beats

Anyone who wants to sell their beats online, i.e., music producers, DJs, etc., can do so via GMass. You can see who listened to your beats, how long, and how many times they listened. It starts with a cold e-mail from you, then the marketing follow-ups, and finally, the updates. For promotional purposes, you can send all these via GMass in an mp3 file to big producers. 

Here are some hacks you can use to make your e-mail outreaches smoother:

  • Make sure you send completely mixed beats that are ready to listen to and use with a simple click. The fewer changes clients have to make, the happier they’ll be.
  • Know how much to charge so you don’t undercharge or overcharge. Offer different prices for different projects. You can charge more for an exclusive or tailor-made beat for a particular client. Stay updated on the current market rates.
  • Add producer tags(self-shout-outs) to your beats to make them more professional and increase your chances of getting a click.

2. Photography

More and more freelance photographers are using GMass these days. Sending e-mails to new prospects, staying in touch with old clients, and customizing their messages are all helping photographers immensely. With GMass, they can edit the HTML of a Gmail message, allowing them to be unique with their samples. This feature increases their clients and enhances their work, generating money.

Make sure you’re not just throwing a bunch of your work together but actually taking the time to design a good-looking portfolio that has your logo and business name. Turn on the auto-follow-ups feature on GMass, and enhance the quality of your cold pitches.

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3. Link Building Agencies

Link-building companies must send numerous e-mails to websites to get backlinking contracts. They find relevant websites for getting backlinks. Backlinks increase the search traffic of client websites. GMass’s ‘recurring campaigns’ feature helps here. According to a case study by GMass, agencies saw escalated conversion and cost savings after switching to GMass for their mass e-mails.

GMass has integration with google docs and can automatically monitor google sheets’ new rows on a daily, hourly, or weekly basis. It can then send out campaign e-mails, designed by you, to the contacts in those rows. This feature saves you so much mundane work and time that you can utilize to grow your business and sales.

4. GMass Affiliate Program

No mail merge system has an affiliate program except GMass. This program means extra bucks if you have good contacts. On referring a paying subscriber to GMass, here’s the kind of money you’d be making:

  • 50% of the first year’s base monthly fees if you refer an individual plan subscriber.
  • 20% of the first year’s base monthly fees if you bring a team plan subscriber.
  • 20% of the second and third year(of the subscriber) if you refer GMass’s ‘team and individual plan.

You can claim credit whenever the new user clicks on a link containing your affiliate code, or you can write to GMass within 7 days of the new user creating his account.

GMass Chrome Extension:

Adding a GMass extension to chrome is very convenient to work with. After you install GMass from the chrome web store, click on add to chrome button, and you’re done. This simple extension eases your work even further.


We live in a fast-paced world that values uniqueness and intellect. So, we must outsource the unvarying tasks to ensure productivity and growth. Mass e-mail management and cold e-mailing are such tasks. Rolling out cold e-mails is not easy for everyone. It seems you have to figure it out yourself, doesn’t it? Well, not entirely. GMass brings you the benefits of automated follow-ups, campaign management, and customer support, all in one place.

Google is very open to suggestions on GMass. In fact, Google built most of the robust features of GMass via user feedback. When great service combines with a company that listens and improves from feedback, it only grows bigger in the future. If you’re in a creative field, switch to GMass for your mass e-mails and forget about the repetitive aspects of mass e-mailing. Focus more on the creative side of your job while GMass makes you money.

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