Kaiju no. 8 Chapter 41 release date and spoilers

Heroic Monster-based Kaiju no. 8 is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Naoya Matsumoto. It is serialized free on Shueisha Shonen Jump Plus magazine since 3 July 2020. The English release is licensed by Viz Media in North America. Total three volumes have been released until now, which is very popular. Let’s read more about Kaiju no. 8 Chapter 41 spoilers.

The story is somewhat funny and heroic, just like Venom is loved by all the fans. The plot reveals Kafka, who changes into a monster when a fly enters his body via his mouth. He gains extra powers and special abilities through that transformation. He is called Kaiju no. 8 by the Defense Force. He becomes the first monster to escape the Defense Force.

Lets recap what happened previously

Before moving forward, first, let us get back to the previous chapter synopsis. Here the entire chapter is shown about the two dynamic characters, Kikoru Shinomiya and Gen Narumi. Where Kikoru has been recently transferred to the first unit under Gen. We also see her vowing strongly to kill Kaiju no. 8 after receiving the text, where the text said that 8 is allowed to live.

While on her meeting with Gen (Captain of 1 Division), she is numbed by his manners and irresponsible attitude. His room is all untidy, and he is busy playing a video game called Platinum rank. She doubts how she will respect that guy. However, she is awestruck to see him smashing a Kaiju solely, albeit with little help from his unit. This opens up new possibilities for their bond and trust.

Kaiju no. 8 Chapter 41

The release date of Kaiju no. 8 Chapter 41

According to official sources, the scheduled release will be on 6 August 2021 at 12:00 AM, as per JST. You have to convert it accordingly to your local time zone. Fans can read all the chapters on Viz Media and Manga Plus for free.

Spoilers of Kaiju no. 8 Chapter 41

There are no official leaks available until now. But as per our assumptions, we can predict that there will be more elaboration on Gen. Or it can be Kafka proving his worth to Defense Force that he is useful to kill Kaiju. Either way, it will entertain us. To know more, visit our official website Wabbitfree to read daily updates.

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