Mars Red episode 10 release date and spoilers

Vampires from the past!!! Mars Red is all about the vampires in Japan and how the police tackle the Vampires in their own ways. The population of vampires is on the loose. Now, The vampires are also looking for the reason for the surge of their own population with the police. Police hire vampires to detect and report the causes of this surge. Check out all about Mars Red episode 10 release date and spoilers!!!

Mars Red episode 10 release date and spoilers

Mars Red is based on a play written by Bun-O Fujisawa. The vampire community was living in peace, hiding from humans, but suddenly a surge in the population of vampires disturbed the vampires and also the humans. So, to control this situation Japanese army called in Colonel Yoshinobu Maeda. Maeda is to create a team that includes both humans and vampires. Those vampires who are on the human’s side. The team’s name was Code Zero. It included many vampires, one of those was Shutaro Kurusu.

Shutaro Kurusu is our protagonist, as he is a vampire with the duty to locate the other vampires and killing them. He is also trying to find out all about Ascra and its suppliers. Ascra is the artificial blood that is making people into vampires. So, Shutaro and the whole team of Code Zero are in search of the vampires supplying this artificial blood.

What happened before ?

In the previous episode, Suspicion, Shutaro discovers that everyone is disappearing. He goes back to meet Mr. Tenmanya. He meets the kids on the way to the house, who tells him to go see Ayame, who survived and could give some information. Ayame tells Shutaro that a weird masked man is doing all this stuff, killing vampire children with Knifes. He asked her where she was staying before, to which she replied near Tsukishima island.

Shutaro ends up at Code Zero’s base. In the basement, he finds out that Maeda ordered the police vampires to kill Artificial vampires and Child vampires, and lastly, he also says that Shutaro is also a threat. After this, Shutaro finds Suwa, and they fight off as Shutaro realizes that he was killing child vampires. Takeuchi interrupts with some smoke bomb, and all three of them flee from that place.

Mars Red episode 10 release date and spoilers

They get out of the tunnel to see a kid dying from coming into Sun. Now, Shutaro tries to save him, but Suwa stops him. So, They get back to Mr. Tenmanya’s home to discuss the situation of Ascra and Ltg. Nakajima. Takeuchi gives a solution to Tenmanya’s problem of shortage of food. On the other hand, generals discuss the vampire’s problems, and the episode ends with Shutaro looking at the water.

Release Date of Mars Red episode 10

The next episode of Mars Red is going to premiere on June 8th, 2021. The series can be binged on Funimation, Wakanim, and Animelab.

Spoilers of Mars Red episode 10

Shutaro saved his comrades Takeuchi and Suwa and brought them to Tanmanya with the help of Ayame. Ayame does not trust Suwa. They all are set to get some blood for people staying at Tenmanya with the help of Takeuchi. So, now they take off for this mission to bring in more food. Will, they succeed, or are they going to fail?

Mars Red episode 10 release date and spoilers

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