My hero academia chapter 314

My hero academia is a superhero action Manga with the story of Izuku Midoriya. Izuku Midoriya is a simple boy with no powers. Due to this, he is constantly bullied by his friend but one day, his life changes. He is gifted by All Might’s powers. All Might is a hero that is idolized by everyone for his acts of bravery in fighting villains. The Manga is created by Kōhei Horikoshi. Check out all about My hero academia chapter 314 below!!!

My hero academia chapter 314

All Might is one of the greatest heroes to exist in the My hero academia universe. One day, Izuku notices that All Might conceals his injury to keep the morale and motivation high. The public would not be able to stay motivated and brave if they get to know that he is injured. Knowing this, Izuku talks with All Might, and he impresses All Might. Now, All Might have given his power to Izuku, which is named ‘ All for one. ‘

Now, Izuku heads on to attend the UA High school, where he makes friends with powers equal to him, which can make everything a bit more hard for Izuku. So, he needs to work more than the average student of UA high school.

Release Date of My hero academia chapter 314

The 314th chapter of My hero academia was released on 30th May, 2021. The manga is ready to read on Viz media

Summary of My hero academia chapter 314

The Lovely Lady Nagant is the chapter focusing on the Deku and Lady Nagant. Deku feels that the smokescreen is not that effective in this rain, and he will surely get hit by Lady Nagent in a matter of moments now. Deku created a trap, and he is hoping that Lady Nagent will fall into it. At the same time, Lady Nagent notices that Deku has gotten faster. His moves are quicker than before. She falls into his trap, and he asks for information about All for One power.

So, she says to Deku that he need not be so relaxed as the fight is still on. Lady Nagent retracts her rifle and strikes Deku in the chest. She gets away without telling him anything. She also tells him that Hero Public Safety Association taught her all about the tricks she knows now. Then, Deku asks that why she is working with All for One. He finds himself stunted as he used his Fa Jin at once, and he is a new user of this.

My hero academia chapter 314

Lady Nagent fires shots at Deku while telling him why she quit the Hero Public Safety Association. She was tired of all the fakeness around the world, and she felt bad for killing people who are part of this fake world. Lady Nagent further explains that she followed every order, killing people to save the image of this fake society. Despite her attempts, she was suffering from mental health issues, and she was told to do the work without asking any questions. The president asked her to work on something which she did not agree to.

Twists in the ending

Deku tries to avoid Lady Nagent’s shots. He is successful in diverging her shots until she calls upon Kai Chisaki. Kai Chisaki surely diverts Deku’s attention. Kai yells that if Lady Nagent is done with her fun, they can now meet the boss. Deku is still looking out in Kai’s direction when Lady Nagant’s rifle is at Deku’s direction. She is preparing to shoot, and the Chapter ends here.

My hero academia chapter 314

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