My Hero Academia chapter 319

My Hero Academia is a Japanese manga. It is also known as Boku no Hīrō Akademia. Kohei Horikoshi has written as well as illustrated the manga. The manga is science fantasy fiction. Along with that, it has flavours of adventure and superheroes. It is an ongoing manga. My Hero Academia chapter 319 of the manga was recently released.

The story of the manga is about a boy named Izuku Midoriya. He was a kid who was born without powers in a world where everyone has superhuman abilities. These superhuman abilities are called Quirks. As these Quirks appeared, there was power on streets unchecked, leading to increased crimes. Then to deal with this, a new profession came up of heroes. Izuku admires the No.1 hero, All Might, who is also known as a symbol of peace. He wishes to be like him; however, he is Quirk-less.

Though one day, he meets All Might, and that changes his life. He gets a Quirk known as “One for All”. Then he goes on and joins U.A High to become a hero. Also, he keeps his secret from the world of “One for All”. As the story evolves, we see the dark side of the simple-looking story. He gets to know how did the Quirk One for all come into being. Finally, he tries to protect the world from an organisation called the League of Villains.

My Hero Academia chapter 319: Fans are thrilled

My Hero Academia chapter 319

The fans of My Hero Academia have gone psyched after reading chapter 319 of the manga. The story has taken huge turns recently. We have witnessed serious character development in the few last chapters. Mostly in the character of Deku (Izuku’s Hero name).

Chapter 319 of My Hero Academia was released on Sunday, 11th July 2021. The chapter was titled “Friends”. This chapter focused on the relationship between Deku and his classmates, as is well suggested in the title.

To read the My Hero Academia chapter 319, visit the site Viz Media. All the chapters of the manga are available there.

Summary of Chapter 319 of My Hero Academia

The chapter starts as Bakugo tore the letter the was supposed to be from Deku. Everyone is suspicious as none of the Pro Hero was replying to them. They were all avoiding them, including Endeavour Hawks and Jeanist. They are sure that Pro Heroes along with Deku, are planning something. Bakugo had been with Deku since they were young kids. And he knows that Deku will burden himself, alone, with the responsibility of saving everyone like All Might.

My Hero Academia chapter 319

The principal called Endeavour for a meeting and was raided by the student of class 1-A. Shoto asks his father why was he avoiding his calls and message. He reminds Endeavour that he said that they would together fight Dabi. To this, Endeavour replies that his willingness means everything to him. Shoto gets angry and says that it doesn’t matter to him. Then he continues and asks that why he has given Deku, and All Might get a free pass to operate. To this, Endeavour says that it was the only right thing to do.

“Midoriya is Our Friend”

My Hero Academia chapter 319

Then Bakugo interprets the conversation. He says that Deku is a little crazy and would never consider himself. He will just continue by saying that he is fine. All Might become the symbol of peace in the same way. Therefore, he won’t stop Deku. Meanwhile, Hawks get the information that Deku has even cut off the connection between him and All Might. This message arrives at Endeavour, and the students ask him if his phone has GPS.

They all plan to go and find Deku and bring him back to U.A. High. Tenaya says that he can’t move forward happy knowing that his friend Deku is alone out there. Also, no matter how big of the responsibility One for all is, they won’t leave Deku alone as he is their friend. Endeavour tries to stop them, but the principal says that they all should go and bring back Deku and All Might.

Then, they all somehow find Deku’s location while he was fighting a villain with the power to control people. The students ask Deku to stop. However, he replies to them, saying to move out of his way. This is where the chapter ends. Also, to know about to upcoming chapter, visit Wabbitfree.

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