My hero academia chapter 320 release date and spoilers

My hero academia, also known as Boku no Hero Academia, is one the most popular manga series going on right now. Its serialization first started in July 2014 in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine. Viz media publish its English translation. Recently, its 319 chapter was released. And My hero academia chapter 320 will be soon released.

The story sets in a world where everyone is born with powers known as Quirks. As people had such power, there was an increase in crime; hence there born a new profession of heroes. In this world was a boy named Izuku Midoriya. He decided to become a hero just like All Might, who was the number one hero at a very young age. Midoriya loved how he saved people with a smile on his face. However, his dream shattered when he was told that he was Quirk-less even though Midoriya doesn’t give up on his dream and works hard in whatever way he can.

One day he encounters his ideal, which changed his life. The Quirk-less boy gets the Quirk known as “One for All” from his ideal, All Might. Then he joined the hero course in the U.A. high, the most prestigious school that made heroes like All Might and many others.

My hero academia chapter 320

My hero academia chapter 320 release date

My hero academia chapter 320 is scheduled to be released on 18th July 2021. All the chapters of My hero academia are available on Viz Media. The title of chapter 320 is “Deku Vs Class 1-A”.

Recap of chapter 319 of My hero academia

As the principal tells Endeavour about the meeting, the student appears. Shoto questions his father about why he was ignoring him. He also spoke about stopping Dabi, and to this, Endeavour says that his support means the world to him. Then he asks his father that even though Midoriya is a student just like them, then why is allowed to be out there. Endeavour is confused about what to say as no one knows about Midoriya. In the end, he replies that it was the right choice.

Bakugo insisted that the others should join Deku( Midoriya’s hero name) and All Might as they both will do everything to save everyone and even would sacrifice themselves. In the meantime, Hawks and Best Jeanist learns that Deku’s communication was cut with everyone.

One of the students asks if Endeavour’s phone had GPS, but it didn’t. So the students take that cellphone and realise that Deku is quite secretive. As he never talked about “One for all”, even being friends with them for so long. Tenya says that no matter what, Deku is their friend, and they will stand by his side. Endeavour tries to stop the students from saying that it was dangerous. However, the principal says that Shoto and others have matured. He then reminds the students that All Might have been in this school, and just like him, they can do anything.

Finally, the student finds Deku while he was fighting with a villain with mind control power. At the sudden arrival of his classmates, Deku seems surprised. Then Bakugo bashes Deku with words saying that he was trying to be a hero by jumping into danger alone.

Spoiler of My hero academia chapter 320

My hero academia chapter 320

However, no official leaks or spoilers are available for chapter 320 of the manga My Hero Academia. Still, as we have seen in the last chapter, the Class 1-A students try to stop Deku, and he wants to go ahead on his own. Therefore, there will be disputes within them. This is also suggested by the title of chapter 320, “Deku Vs Class 1-A”.

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