My Hero Academia Season 5 episode 19 release date and spoilers

The 5th season of the My Hero Academia anime series is produced by Bones and directed by Kenji and Masahiro following the plot of the original manga by Kohei Horikoshi. My Hero Academia Season 5th got premiered online on 27th March 2021 on popular anime platforms namely Funimation, Crunchyroll, VRV, Hulu, Netflix, Medialink, etc. It has been released for 18 episodes. This anime series is hugely popular among fans because of its superhero story and adventurous science fantasy genre. Here we will reveal My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 19 spoilers.

The story revolves around the lead protagonist Izuku Midoriya who wants to become a superhero, despite having no superpowers, he is determined to enroll in the prestigious hero academy and learn what it really means to be a hero. He lives in a world where people are full of superhuman capabilities known as Quirks. He is always called Quirkless and is being mocked for his unrealistic dreams. Fortunately one day his luck changes and he is chosen by the no. 1 hero as his successor. From then his destiny transforms towards heroism.

Lets recap what has happened previously in My Hero Academia Season 5

Before moving to episode 18 let’s recall the previous plot titled The Unforgiven. As we see, the beginning of My Hero Academia Season 5, the training battle between class 1-A and 1-B starts, fans see all forty UA freshmen heroes live in action. While Shoto Tordoroki is unable to forgive his father Pro Hero Endeavor. The past keeps on haunting Endeavor as he remembers his third son Toya, on the other hand, a villain is following him. While Deku and Bakugou come to know about Endeavor’s sincere desire to fix his family relations.

Deku understands that Endeavor is making earnest efforts to win over the heart of his family members especially Shoto and Natsuo. Meanwhile, a villain launches a fight at our number one hero. Bakugou and Deku vow to themselves that they won’t let any harm reach Endeavor or his family. The three of them are battling this villain by striving hard. However, they are unable to get past Endeavor who wants them both to be alert and abort the crime before it happens. While at Torodoki’s house, Izuku and others are going back to their dorms after dinner.

My Hero Academia Season 5 episode 19

The release date of My Hero Academia Season 5 episode 19

According to the production, the upcoming My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 19 is scheduled to be on air on 6 August (5:30 PM). You can watch the latest episodes on Funimation and Crunchyroll. Make sure to not miss the show as this anime is at its peak of thrilling the fans all across the globe.

The spoilers in My Hero Academia Season 5 episode 19

There are no official leaks available until now. But as per the previous episode storyline, we can predict the upcoming plot highlights on our assumptions. As we saw the battle between Endeavor and Villian, while the pro heroes continue with their daily training in the dorms. On the other hand, Bakugou tells Shoto to inform his sister that he is not friends with her. Let’s expect new adventures in battles and training.

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