One Piece Chapter 1021 release date and spoilers

One Piece is a famous mystery treasure manga that is popular since 1999. It is loved by the fans because of the magical and adventurous element. This is originally written by Eechiro and published by Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump. Here you can find more on One Piece Chapter 1021 release date and spoilers. To read more, visit our official website Wabbitfree to receive daily updates.

The Plot Synopsis of One Piece

The entire narrative is focused on Luffy, a boy who aspires to become the King of Pirates. However, before he reaches his goal, he needs to gather a pirate crew and navigate towards Raftel. But in order to reach Raftel, Luffy and his crew require a map. The challenge to get the map is by combining ancient texts called Poneglyphs.

Additionally, World Government has banned Pirates, so they are being captured by Marines. Here Luffy and his friends constantly strive by facing difficulties from Marines. Lastly, Devil Fruits are the magic element that gives special powers to whoever eats them.

Recap of the Previous Highlights

To follow up on the upcoming chapter, let us first recall chapter 1020 highlights. Here Kaido and Yamato are still in battle. Kaido mentions that Yamato devils fruit is a Wano guardian spirit. He is still insisting Yamato must rule over Wano on his behalf. But Yamato refuses and says he will open up the country’s borders.

Black Maria used an illusion technique on Robin, but it did not work on Robin. But she slapped the subordinates unconscious. The rest of the subordinates chase after her and Brook. Black Maria catches up to them. With her flaming Wanyudo weapons, she set the floor on fire. But Luffy is pretty weak, where Momonsuke is crying over Kinemon and Kiku. Luffy tells him to transform into a dragon and fly back to Onigashima.

One Piece Chapter 1021

Release date of One Piece Chapter 1021

According to the recent update from official sources, there has been a slight change. Usually, the chapters are released on Sundays, but due to some reason, it is now scheduled for 9 August 2021. You can easily read all the latest chapters on Viz Media, Manga Plus, or Shonen Jump.

Spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1021

The raw leaks of Chapter 1021 are available out now. In which we see the fight between Robin and Black Maria. Here Robin sees a flashback from her army days, where her friends suggest her Fishman Karate. She did learn some from Sabo and Robin, where a technique teaches the person to transform a giant into a demon.

Whereas Luffy is healing and having meat. Momonosuke tells Robin to use any technique against him. Especially the one to change someone into adulthood. However, the process is irreversible. To know more, wait for the chapter release.

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