One Punch Man Chapter 147

One Punch Man is a Japanese superhero franchise by artist ONE. The manga is illustrated by Yusuke Murata, where chapters are published into 23 tankobon volumes now. One Punch Man got serialized in Shueisha Jump Comics on 14th July 2021. In addition, Viz Media licensed it in English for Weekly Shonen Jump magazine digitally. One Punch Man has a massive fan following across the globe. The manga has sold over 30 million copies. Here we will reveal more plot details about One Punch Man Chapter 147.

How boring it becomes when you can just snot any villain with one punch. Exactly! This is the problem dealt with by our manga protagonist Saitama. The complete story is around him as a superhero who can knock anybody with his single punch. Yet, he is always seeking a worthy opponent to have challenging battles because he has got really bored dealing with such easy fights. He needs someone equal to his overwhelming strength. Readers love the mix of superhero comedy and action in One Punch Man.

Main Characters in One Punch Man Chapter 147

TATSUMAKI: Also known as hero alias Tornado of Terror and is an S Class Rank 2 Professional Hero of the Hero Association. She is recognized as one of the most powerful heroes. She is an esper and self-declared teacher of Fubuki. She, along with her sister, is known as Psychic Sisters. She has green hair and is very moody and angry.

SAITAMA: He is the main protagonist of the series and known to be the most powerful being among all. He is facing a loss of interest due to no challenges in the battles. With his extreme power, he wins any opponent just with one punch. He is waiting for a worthy opponent to have a better battle experience.

BLAST: Like Tatsumaki, he is also an S Class Rank 1 professional Hero from the Hero Association. After Saitama’s strength is taken into account, he is known to be a most powerful hero. He has a hobby of collecting various cubes, for which he loves to visit several places. He is a well-built guy with gray hair who considers being a hero just as some hobby.

Lets recap what happened previously

The earlier story showed us that Fubuki enters the battle against the remaining monsters to assist her sister. Despite so many injuries, she does not gives up and tries to help other heroes of the hero association. But Bomb desperately stops her from doing so. He also comments that Fubuki is similar to her sister Tatsumaki. While on the battlefield, our heroes are trying to finish Black Sperm, who copied them million folded to create a tsunami of destruction in the city. Members from the Council of Swordmasters and Spring Mustachio come to rescue the heroes.

On watching this, a clone of Black Sperm goes to Homeless Emperor for assistance, but he refuses. He is watching the scenario and thinking about how to finish them for the sake of humanity. Whereas Genos finally manages to bring Tanktop Master to Fubuki for healing. With the telekinesis technique, she and Bomb manage to recover partially from his injuries. All of a sudden, Garou emerges as a monster in front of Fubuki and bomb, Atomic Samurai tells him to leave the spot.

One Punch Man Chapter 147

The review of One Punch Chapter 147

Chapter 147 is titled Toxic Substance. It begins with Garou starts combating with Bomb, where both of them hold well against each other. Fubuki is trying to watch their battle, but due to the speedy movements, she is unable. She wants to help the old man. With her being distracted, Garou launches an attack on her. But Bomb strikes it back towards him. Then Pig God appears in front of Fubuki, where he finds Tank Top Master lying with injuries. He worries for him, so Fubuki asks him to heal with his energy.

On the other hand, our heroes, along with the members of the Council of Swordmasters, are trying to cease off the Black Sperms. Unfortunately, Tatsumaki gets caught by a massive black sperm clone who got bursts on the ground. She is being squeezed by it. However, Genos arrives before anything could have happened and saved her. Visit our official website Wabbitfree to check the latest feeds of popular manga series.

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