One Punch Man Chapter 148 release date and spoilers

First, came out in 2009 as a Webcomic One Punch Man is made by the Artist called One. It was self-published by the Artist. The manga is still going on, and One Punch Man Chapter 148 will be released soon. It was remade in 2012, and this time the illustration was done by Yusuke Murata. This remake was published by Shueisha in the Shōnen Jump Magazine. This manga has been tremendously popular since 2012, when it was released as a webcomic. The strange and unique plot of the manga drives the audience towards it.

The storyline of One Punch Man

This manga focuses on a man named Saitama. I live in a world where monsters and villains have become the reason for disorder. Hence a Hero Association is formed by the millionaire Agoni. However, Saitama is not a part of the association and works as a hero in city Z. He can defeat any opponent with just one punch. But later, Saitama has an encounter with Genos, a cyborg who asks Saitama to be his master as he was so powerful.

After that, Genos finds out about the Hero Association, and they both give an entrance exam to be a part of it. Genos becomes one of the top heroes as he scores high. Whereas even though Saitama has overwhelming strength, he becomes a lower rank hero. So, his notable deeds remained unknown and unrewarded.

One Punch Man Chapter 148 release date

One Punch Man Chapter 148

The chapters of One Punch Man are usually released on Wednesday. The last chapter got out on 28th July 2021. And the Chapter 148 suspected release date is 11th August 2021. However, the release date of One Punch Man has been random, sometimes having two weeks gap and sometimes only one.

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Recap of chapter 147 of One Punch Man

In chapter 147, we see that Fuhrer Ugly is fighting Golden Sperm, but suddenly Homeless Emperor attacks Fuhrer Ugly. Then seeing Homeless Emperor, Fuhrer Ugly starts to run away. Golden Sperm says that he should finish him though Emperor says that he still might prove to be useful. Golden Sperm then goes to the wounded Darkshine and says that he is weeping and crawling away, yet he called himself a hero. He punches Darkshine, goes away, and falls to the ground where other heroes were standing.

Meanwhile, Fuhrer Ugly goes on looking for Fang and saving himself from Emperor and Golden Sperm. However, a separate army of 1000 Spermatozoa follows him. And when they were about to attack him, Metal Bat appears and asks them about the hero hunter. But they attack Metal Bat only to get demolished. The Homeless Emperor launches an attack, super-dense carpet bombing.

Child Emperor seems to be reporting to someone about how the invasion was successful, and many suspected leaders of the Villian Association were defeated. Though Terrible Tornado is exhausted now, and the other hero is fifth desperately. He asks the person to come as he possesses firepower like none other. He also writes that he is trapped and has one 10 minutes of oxygen. Suddenly, Puri-Puri Prisoner appears and gets him out. At the same time, Genos tries to save Terrible Tornado while surrounded by Spermatozoa. Finally, there appears King and chapter end.

Spoilers for One Punch Man Chapter 148

The last chapter got very recently released, so there are no spoilers yet. But it can be suspected the Genos and Terrible Tornado will be saved. For more updates, visited wabbitfree.

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