Peach Boy Riverside Episode 5

Peach Boy Riverside is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Coolkyousinnjya. It is serialized in Weekly Young VIP magazine from January 2008. The English version of this manga is licensed by Kodansha USA. The series has been adapted into anime television by Asahi Production, which premiered on 1 July 2021. North America has licensed the anime by Crunchyroll and Medialink with the English dubs. Let us discuss the details of Peach Boy Riverside Episode 5 here, as it is the recent episode.

The Story line of Peach Boy Riverside

The story revolves around Saltorine Aldike, or Sari is a beautiful, bright, and cheerful princess who wants to go on an adventure because she is bored of her tiny little castle in the countryside. Suddenly one day, a hoard of vicious demons called Oni comes knocking at her doorstep. Threatening the lives of everyone in the kingdom. Fortunately, they are rescued by the lone traveler known as Kibitsu Mikoto. He is powerful enough to slay these monsters with his mysterious peach eyes.

He is shocked by the danger of the outside world. Sari decides to set out for a journey of his own. She is going on without much knowledge of how her fate will change in the magic world.

Peach Boy Riverside Episode 5

Summary of Peach Boy Riverside Episode 5

The title of Peach Boy Riverside Episode 5 is titled as Frau and the Vampire. With the name, we can understand that it deals with flashback events where Frau meets the Vampire. It shows the events of the flashback of where Carrot met the vampire. Then Frau, Carrot, Sally, and Hawthorn visits a new town for a stay. Where all the humans make fun of Frau, due to which Carrot gets angry, she tells Sally to attack them, but she denies it. Carrot feels agony despite being so powerful. Sally chose to kill an ogre Sett but don’t want her own kind.

When they reach the hotel, Frau and Carrot decide to go to the market to shop for something. At the same time, Sally and Hawthorn go inside the hotel, where Hawthorn informs Sally about Carrot’s changed instincts. At the same time, Frau is being insulted in the market. Carrot asks him why doesn’t he attack humans. He says she is used to this behaviour now. She then finds Kyuketsuki nearby and tells him to slaughter humans. But he chose to kill Sally first.

Frau revives from the dead

On hearing about harm to her friend, Carrot is depressed. At that moment, Frau arrives looking for Carrot. And attacks the vampire with his hammer. Despite strong moves, he is not able to harm him. At the same time, Sally senses that something wrong is happening to her friends. So she starts running towards that location. On her arrival, she finds Frau is half blasted from the top by Vampire. Sally infuriates him and attacks him powerfully. The vampire couldn’t resist her attacks, so he uses the blood power to make a thread like captures for Sally.

When Sally is struck, Vampire tries to kill her, but suddenly Carrot saves her. On the other hand, Frau reaches heaven, where he meets Atra and asks her to revive him back because friends need his support. With one help, suddenly, he reappears back in his body with an even powerful version. He attacks and kills the Vampire by making a hole in his stomach but later falls down himself. In the end, Vampire revealed he also married a human, but due to his ogre instincts, he killed his beloved wife, So Carrot should be happy by losing her horns.

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