Peach Boy Riverside episode 6 release date and spoilers

Peach Boy Riverside is Japanese anime that was released in July 2021. This anime is based on the manga that goes with the same name. It was first published as a webcomic in 2008. Asahi production has made the anime, and it was aired on Tokyo MX originally. The manga series of this anime was written and illustrated by Coolkyousinnjya. Peach Boy Riverside episode 6 will soon be out for the viewers.

Plot of Peach Boy Riverside

The story majorly revolves around two characters, firstly the princess of Aldarak kingdom named Saltorine Aldarake. And secondly, alone traveling boy named Kibitsu Mikoto. The princess is bored with life within the walls of the kingdom and wishes to explore more of the world. She keeps trying to escape; however, she never gets successful. Finally, one day she meets Mikoto while executing one of her escaping attempts.

Mikoto helps her, but they later return to the palace, and she asks Mikoto about his travels. Then the next morning, the kingdom gets attack by monsters; however, Mikoto saves the kingdom by slaying all the monsters. After that, he leaves the kingdom, but this incident makes the Princess leave the kingdom. She travels to more about the world and Mikoto, though she changes the fate of the magic world in this journey of hers.

Release date of Peach Boy Riverside episode 6

The suspect date for the release of Peach Boy Riverside episode 6 is 5th August 2021. You can watch the older and upcoming episodes of Peach Boy Riverside on Crunchyroll and Funimation. The audience is pretty excited for the new episode and to see how the story turns.

Recap of episode 5 of Peach Boy Riverside

Peach Boy Riverside episode 6

The 4th episode was titled “Frau and the Vampire.” At the starting of the episode, we see that a woman gets attacked. Later we get to know that it was a vampire in the town who attacked her. This was known to Sally by Hawthorn as the guard told him this at the checkpoint. Sally, Hawthorn, Frau, and Carrot get to the town. However, the behavior of the townspeople was hostile towards demi-humans. Carrot asks Sally to teach them a lesson with her powers, but she denies it. This makes Carrot irritated as she thought Sally was different.

She thinks Sally could kill the ogre and monsters but wouldn’t hurt her kind. Then due to the hostility of the town, they decided to seek Frau later. So, Carrot and Frau leave while Sally and Hawthorn go inside the Inn. In the market, Frau faced discrimination and was treated badly. This makes Carrot angrier, and she overhears the town’s people talking about the vampire. So, she decides to find him and asks him to slaughter all the people in the town.

Carrot meeting Kyuketsuki

Carrot goes to Kyuketsuki and asks him to kill all the people in the town. To this, he says that why doesn’t she do this herself. But she tells her that she doesn’t have access to her powers. Then he asks her what happened, and she tells him. So he agrees to her demand. However, he says that he will kill Sally too. Carrot asks him not to do that. But when he says that she killed Sett and Carrot was still protecting her. Then how can Carrot call herself an ogre?

Meanwhile, Frau comes and asks Carrot to come with her. Kyuketsuki says to Frau that he is going to kill Sally. Then a fifth broke out between them. At the same time, Sally tries to find them. Frau gets killed by the time Sally reaches. She starts fighting him but gets trapped. Then Frau appears again as her friend in Heaven sends her back. She then fights Kyuketsuki and kills him. In his dying moments, he tells them that he, too, wanted to be with humans and had been with them. He had fallen in love with a woman, but he killed her unknowingly due to his ogre nature.

Spoilers for Peach Boy Riverside episode 6

The episodes of Peach Boy Riverside are quite interesting as they are released in non-chronological order. Therefore, there are no spoilers or leaks that are available on the official pages. As well as due to its way of releasing an episode in an order that is not chronological, it’s hard to predict what will happen in the next episode. For more information, visit Wabbitfree.

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