Platinum End episode 13 release date and spoilers

The series Platinum End was aired as anime in October 2021 and written by Tsugumi Ohba. The illustration was done by Takeshi Obata, the renowned series Death Note creator. The First volume of Platinum End sold more than 100 thousand copies. After that, the series debuted as Oricon’s number 2 best-selling manga. In December 2020, more than 4.5 million copies of the series were in circulation. Platinum End is a supernatural world that follows the events whenever new God candidates are chosen. The series revolves around the protagonist Mirai Kakehashi and the antagonist Kanade Uryu. Platinum End episode 13 is the final episode of the anime series.

The Plot of Platinum End

Platinum End is a series based on the supernatural world. 13 angels are given the extraordinary task of finding 13 god candidates. Only one can prevail and become the next God. Mirai Kakehashi, a depressed orphaned teenager, is living with his abusive Aunt and Uncle after the death of his parents. He decided to end his life by suicide one day, but his guardian angel Nasse saved his life.

Nasse gives Mirai some unique powers. Learning that his Aunt and Uncle orchestrated his parent’s death throws Mirai into a rage, and impulsively, he orders his Aunt to kill herself. Nasse tells Mirai that God will retire in 999 days, and then a new god will be chosen. Mirai’s journey starts from here. He meets other God candidates like himself and is forced to become the next God.

Uryu Kanade, the Metropolitan, will do anything to become the next God, and He does not hesitate to kill innocent people and other God candidates. To fight against this killer, Miari allies with other God candidates. Together they move towards finding happiness and winning the contest without any bloodshed.

Platinum End episode 13 release date

Official news says that the Platinum End episode 13 release date will be moved ahead. Instead of the original timing to release episode 13 on December 30, the episode will likely be released on 6th January 2022. The episode’s title is “Sekai no Hewa” in English means, “World Peace.” Platinum End releases a new episode weekly. We can watch them on Crunchyroll and Funimation, available in its original Japanese audio and English subtitles.

In the Previous Episode of Platinum End

Platinum End Episode 13

Episode 12 titled “A Fine Line Between Offense and Defense,” in episode, Hajime Sokotani sacrificed himself for the sake of Saki and Mirai. He became the bait for the deadly Fuyuki virus. His intense love for Saki compels him to feel empathy towards humanity. Though Saki did feel regret using him. The team had a more pressing concern that focused on Metropolitan and the Evil Nurse.

Injured Mukaido shouts at Mirai to kill the evil Nurse. But Mirai continues to have an inner struggle. He does not want to have any bloodshed in his hands. In the end, Mirai decides against killing Metropolitan. No matter how evil he was, he would be handing him over to authorities to decide his fate. But for Metropolitan, it is the opposite of Mirai. He blamed Mirai for Hajime’s death and tried to provoke guilt in Mirai. Metropolitan would do anything to achieve his goal. Being extreme opposites of each other, Mirai and Metropolitan keep clashing, and the battle to become God moves to the next episode, episode 13.

Spoilers of Platinum End episode 13

Platinum End episode 13 is “Platinum End,” the episode will show the battle between Metropolitan and Mirai. The outcome of the battle will decide the fate of Mirai and his team. Who will be the winner? Will it be the most suitable candidate Mirai or the worst candidate Metropolitan? To sate this curiosity, we have to wait for the official release of the Platinum End episode 13. So stay tuned, and for more information, visit our website Wabbitfree.

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