Rocket League Cheapest Item Bundle, How to get it ?

The very first advantage of playing this beautiful video game is that it is absolutely free. Secondly, it might support your low-end PC’s also. And last but not least, it is not at all complicated like other games. You really do not have to work very hard to play it. On the contrary, it’s very smooth and easy. Yes, we are talking about this totally unappreciated game, ” Rocket League”, which suddenly became so famous that people are not getting tired of praising it. In this very article, we are going to discuss some of the Rocket League cheapest item bundle and How to get and grab them easily.

Rocket league cheapest item bundle

Rocket League is basically a vehicle game inspired by football, “making a soccer game with cars is a very difficult task to do, but Psyonix has done it with great elegance and precision. BTW Psyonix is a creator and publisher of this thrilling and amazing game.

Described as “Soccer with Rocket power car”, It’s the simple idea of playing football with cars that somehow doesn’t sound so great to many people. Still, when you put a rocket inside those cars, then the real thrill begins. You will get inside it in such a way that you probably have no idea of time. Later, the publishers updated and enabled the ability to modify core rules and added new game modes like Ice hockey and basketball.

Rocket League Cheapest Item Bundle, How To Get It ?

Alright, as we know, “yesterday” was the anniversary pie of the Rocket League. To commemorate this sweet event, the game has launched some beautiful gifts in the form of bundles to decorate the fellow user’s vehicles and give their cars a decent and fancy look, “Of Course”, at a very low price as an anniversary gift.

Rocket league cheapest item bundle

Fancy Formal Octane Very Rare Decal

So, In this cheapest Item bundle, we have got here some Fancy Formal Decoy. It is basically a black decoy for the octane. If you really a lover and admirer of black and white coated metallic car designs, then you can go for it.

Brand new Formal Four Fours Rare wheels

We also get to see some brand new futuristic wheels here. It seems like these are purply black titanium wheels, with quite a sleek design, we are not sure yet what are the specialities of these, but whatever it is, it looks quite right with the car.

Formal Fitter, A very Rare Topper

After the wheels, now here we get to see a perpetual Topper that is giving a very decent vibe to the whole collection. We think that it is one of the coolest and the cleanest Toppers in the game.

Fancy Ferrule (Rare Antenna)

And this antenna basically looks like a magician wand to us, which is shaking quite a bit. Honestly, we have never seen an antenna like this before in this game. So you should really clean your hands of this antenna. It will give a great look to your overall attire.

So, generally ‘guys’ we get to see these four things in this bundle, according to us, it is a very decent bundle, It’s pricing also did not bother us much, yes this is not the best item according to the anniversary, but let’s hope for the best, and see what other surprises this game can give us next.

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