Sakamoto Days Chapter 25

Sakamoto days is a manga about a middle-aged man named Sakamoto. Sakamoto conceals his past as he was a hitman. Not only an ordinary hitman, but he was also a legendary hitman in the underworld. The Sakamoto Days manga is written and illustrated by Yuto Suzuki. Check out all about Sakamoto Days Chapter 25 below!!!

Sakamoto was a ruthless hitman of his days, he killed people as it was for fun, but now he is a convenience store owner. How did this transformation happen? He fell in love, married that girl, and settled down. He is a dad now, saving the world in his own way. Now, he daily works in the convenience store with Shin, an ex-hitman who also came to kill him but decides to stay at his place.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 25

Sakamoto faces villains or assassins who come to kill him from the underworld. Apparently, he had some unfinished business left in the underworld. Sadly, he forgot about that, but it did not forget about him, So, he tries to save his family from those assassins. Having an expressionless face, Sakamoto delivers his punchlines almost perfectly. He may be the world’s greatest hitman, but at home, it’s his wife’s rules, or you are dead. The Manga’s style is a cartoonish one, another effort by the creator to make it unique.

Release date of Sakamoto Days Chapter 25

Chapter 25th of Sakamoto Days was released on 30th June, 2021. The next chapter will release on 6th June 2021. The manga is available on Viz Media.


In the last episode, Sakamoto is at his store working on a regular day until another assassin is on the loose to find and kill Sakamoto. He has to deal with another one of those assassins trying to take their revenge. This time a scientist came with a serum that confuses people, playing with their mind and body. Sakamoto gets jabbed by this serum, and he tries to punch the assassin, but he ends up punching Shin. The assassin smiling says that his serum works, and now Sakamoto is going to do what he wants him to.

Sakamoto tries to think about shin right now, but alas!!! He hits Shin again. Trying to understand what just happened right now, he looks over to the assassin. The assassin is sitting over there looking over the circus happening in front of him. He then says that he switched off the effects of the serum with the remote he created.

Now, the assassin injects the serum into himself and turns into a monster, a killing machine like he is out to kill people on a spree. Although Sakamoto realizes that now the assassin cannot use the remote, he waits to think it over and starts to hit the assassin with Shin. They end up killing him, as when all of those people attack together, the remote confuses and does not work.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 25

After this, Shin jokes about Sakomoto being fat, and in return, Sakamoto stabs him with the injection. The chapter ends on a friendly comedy note.

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