Sakamoto Days chapter 26 release date and spoilers

Love… Everyone bows to Love!! Even the Legendary hitman Sakamoto was renowned in the underworld. Sakamoto fell in love, settled down, had a kid, and put on weight. Now, he looks like a carefree person living a simple life that is dedicated to his family and the convenience store he owns. Even though he left this work, but underworld is still after him. Karma!!! He swore to protect his family, and with him is Shin, who is an employee at the store and also a hitman. Check all about Sakamoto Days chapter 26 release date and spoilers below!!!

Sakamoto days is written by Yuto Suzuki. This action/comedy Manga is worth a read and is still new to many people. It sure is exciting, and the reviews of fans say that they find the Manga engaging and fun.

Sakamoto Days chapter 26 release date and spoilers

There is no expression on Sakamoto’s face, even then, the action is way good, and it is quite comical how he handles the daily situation of a household and fight enemies at the same time. The art style is quite cartoonish, which makes it more interestingly funny.

What happened just before ?

In the previous episode, Sakamoto finds out about another assassin that is trying to find him and kill him. So, they talk a bit about the serum that the assassin created, and it has an ability. It confuses the person who is a friend and who is the foe. Sakamoto tries to hit him after this conversation, but he hits Shin instead. The assassin laughs at the situation and urges Sakamoto to do it once again, and he hits Shin again. Mind and body are working in the opposite direction. With this deduction, Sakamoto tries to hit Shin intentionally this time, but he actually hits him only, not the assassin.

Sakamoto Days chapter 26 release date and spoilers

The assassin then tells them that he has a switch that can change the effects of the serum. After this, The assassin takes a huge dose of the serum himself. He turns into a big megazoid who is all set to kill Sakamoto and Shin. Both of the men counters attack the Assasin and wins. Shin jokes about Sakamoto’s weight, and he gets an injection stabbed on his neck by Sakamoto. Thus, ending the chapter on a cheeky note.

Release date of Sakamoto Days chapter 26

The next chapter of Sakamoto days is going to release on 6th June, 2021. The Manga can be read on Viz.

Sakamoto Days chapter 26 release date and spoilers

Spoilers of Sakamoto Days chapter 26

Till yet, Sakamoto was able to defeat every assassin that came in his way, and he still is protecting his family from the threats of the underworld. But will he be able to do this any longer, or will he lose?

Sakamoto Days chapter 26 release date and spoilers

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