Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Episode 18 Release date and raws

One of the most popular and trending ongoing anime series “Seven Deadly sin” is getting great attention from the audience. This anime series now airing its fourth season’s episodes. And till now, they have released the 17 episodes from season 5. And the next episode is all set to go out for the fans. In this article, we will discuss the Seven deadly sins season 5 episode 18 release date and spoilers.

This Japanese anime series created by “Nakaba Suzuki” and first featured the first episode in 2015. From 2015 it got massive positive reactions from anime lovers. That’s the reason it’s still trending in the list of most fascinating animes. The storyline centered around a demon king son name “Meliodas”. Later, he joined the seven deadly sins and become the leader of the team in order to end the holy war.

Recap of Episode 17

Before jumping to the seven deadly sins season 5 episode 18 let’s have a quick brief about the previous chapter. In the previous chapter, seven deadly sins are fighting with the demon king in order to free Zeldris from his control. As he is using Zeldris’s body as a vessel. And it also titled “The final battle“.

The Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 episode 18

When Meliodas was struggling with the Demon King, Escanor suddenly appeared in the middle of the fight. As he received the sunshine back. Merlin asks Gowther that can he take Meliodas into Zeldris’s mind to wake him from his consciousness.

With the help of Gowther, Meliodas and Gowther both went to Zeldris’s consciousness and tries to wake him up and made him fight with the demon king. But unfortunately, they face to struggle to make him fight back with the demon king.

But suddenly Gelda appears and bites the Demon King in the real world. Now she was able to connect with Zeldris in his consciousness. And when she does the same, she made Zeldris fight back the demon king and take over his own body.

Where on the real world, Diane shows a power-up and able to disconnect Demon King from his magical power lake. At the same time, King asked her to end this war quickly and let’s get married.

Seven Deadly Sins season 5 Episode 18 Release date

The upcoming seven deadly sins season 5 episode 18 will be aired on Saturday, May 12, 2021. After this episode, we are only having the two-episode for this season.

Where to watch Seven deadly sins Season 5 episode 18

The best platform to watch the seven deadly sins season 5 episode 18 is Crunchyroll and Funimation. There is more third party application which allowed the user to watch the anime series but they ain’t trustworthy. That’s why we recommend you these official sites to stream all the latest anime episode with the best quality.

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Season 5 Episode 18 spoilers

The Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 episode 18

The latest seven deadly sins season 5 episode 18 will focus on the love story between Diane and the King. And we already got the official title for the episode. And it named “The King sings alone“.

As from the preview this episode maybe gonna emotional and very romantic for fans out there. As King will show his effort to show his love to Diane. We may seem that they will get married or King will plan something special for Diane.

And there’s a possibility that they will defeat the Demon King in this episode and make Zeldris free from the control of Demon King. This is all we have for the spoilers for this episode but if we got some official leaked spoiler then we will update this section.

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