So I’m Spider So What episode 18 release date and Spoilers

A new ongoing Japanese anime TV series named “So I’m a Spider So what?” is an adaptation of novel series written by Okina Baba, which has now been adapted for both manga and TV series by Millepensee, premiered in January 2021. Its first episode was aired on Jan 8, 2021. It has received a lot of love from its viewers and has great expectations for upcoming episodes. This article will cover the So I’m a Spider So what episode 18 release date and the spoilers.

The storyline revolves around a protagonist and her classmates who have all been reincarnated to another world and are now struggling to gain power for survival. This show captures your attention from the beginning as the story takes place in high school when a ray of the beam hits the school and everything gets destroyed. Soon after the incident, a girl opens her eyes and finds out that she has been reincarnated as a spider under a dungeon full of monsters and now has to fight her way to survive story begins

So I’m Spider So What episode 17 Recap

So I'm Spider So What episode 18

Before jumping to So I’m a Spider So what Episode 18, let’s have a quick brief about the previous one. So, previously in episode 17, the show started with a glance at the spider world, and soon enough, the storyline was taken by a group of reincarnated humans. They are fighting their way with different monsters and soon enough gets a glimpse of the nightmare wrath monster who keeps on saying that their end is near.

One of them tries to question to find out more, but the master stops him from being silly. A dragon attacks them all afterward, and then a fight takes place between the human group and the monster. Attaining a power called a “dragon slayer,” they fly their way off at the end of the episode. Then our little cute spider is shown and gets one minute of showtime where she’s her usual self which is nagging about everything.

Release Date of So I’m Spider So What episode 18

So I’m a Spider So what? Episode 17 aired on May 7, 2021. And, we have already received the official date of the upcoming episode. The news has it that So I’m a Spider So what Episode 18 will be released on May 14, 2021.

Where to watch So I’m Spider So What episode 18

The best platform to watch the So I’m a Spider So what Episode 18 is Crunchyroll and Funimation. There is more third party application that allows user to watch the anime series but they aren’t that trustworthy. That’s why we recommend you to use these official sites to binge all the latest anime episodes in HD.

So I’m Spider So What episode 18 spoilers

The upcoming episode titled “You guys are kind of awful, huh.” The existence where the Hero and the Demon King keep on contradicting one another. The fabulous magic from the Hero and the Demon King got over universes and detonated in the study hall of a specific secondary school.

The student who kicked the bucket in the blast will be resurrected in an alternate world. The hero, who has the most minimal standing in the class, was resurrected into an insect. By the by, she adjusted rapidly to the current condition with solid self-discipline.

Let’s hope that our protagonist could get more limelight on So I’m a Spider So what Episode 18 and would play the crazy music that has us groove since the first episode.

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