Burning Kabaddi Episode 8 Release Date and Spoilers

Burning Kabaddi (shakunetsu Kabaddi) is a popular sport Japanese manga series. The Series got a hugedom within the premier of the first few episodes. Now fans are eager to know when the next episode will be released, which is episode 7. When is the next episode of Burning Kabaddi episode 8 coming out?  Burning kabaddi … Read more

The world ends with you the animation episode 7 release date and spoilers

Besides being based on the virtual world, this anime series rules the top charts in the real world among anime lovers. Even the series is pre-scheduled, the fans don’t want to wait to see the next episodes. The series contains action, emotion and thriller. Each episode has suspense that makes the other episodes interesting to … Read more

Zombieland Saga Revenge episode 7 release date and spoilers

zombieland saga revenge episode 6

Zombie land saga revenge is one of the most popular anime television series produced by MAPPA, Avex pictures and Cygames. The series was first aired in Japan in 2018 between November and December. Also, saw this season is close to the finale. In this article, we will discuss the Zombieland Saga Revenge episode 7 release … Read more

Moriarty the Patriot season 2 episode 7 release date and spoilers

Moriarty the Patriot season 2 episode 7

Moriarty the patriot is a manga written by Ryousuke Takeuchi and illustrated by Hikaru Miyoshi, it has been published in a magazine since 2016. The name of the magazine in which it is published in Jump SQ. Now it is back with another interesting Sherlock Holmes, one can’t count the number of series based on the … Read more

To Your Eternity episode 6 release date and spoilers

To your eternity episode 6

Everyone is eager to watch To Your Eternity; well, the upcoming episode is close to its release, and here’s everything we know about it. This Japanese manga series written by Yoshitoki Oima found a very epic and magnificent fantasy saga of an immortal hero’s quest to understand what it is to live. This is one … Read more

Dr Stone Chapter 196 release date and spoilers

After the gap, Dr Stone Chapter 196 is all set to be released to the audience. The author Riichiro Inagaki is finally back with another exciting chapter. Suika, a young girl living on her own, in search of a revival fluid. She is the first person found alive after the 2nd powerful wave of global … Read more

Boruto Episode 199 release date and spoilers

Boruto episode 199

Boruto Naruto Next Generations is a Japanese anime series originally based on manga series written by Ukyo Kodachi and Masashi Kishimoto. The show’s first episode was released on 5 April 2017 with a new story plot and unique characters in continuation of the Naruto anime series. Lots of anime lovers were heartbroken with the end … Read more


My hero academia season 5 episode 8

You are reading about one of the most popular Japanese superhero series, which was started back in 2016 and written by Yosuke Kuroda. With the immense amount of response from the audience on season 4, they have reached season 5th. 7 episodes have already been displayed, and episode 8th is next to break. And this … Read more