Thinkific vs. Udemy

Thinkific Vs. Udemy: How They Differ From Each Other

As the world is working towards functioning more remotely, education and e-learning are one most concerned departments. With a bunch of e-learning platforms, one can easily bewilder. Thinkific and Udemy are two of the most used e-learning platforms explored lately. Here is what Thinkific vs. Udemy looks like, to answer more crystalline for anyone feeling jumbled around:

Overview: Thinkific Vs. Udemy

Thinkific and Udemy, both of these e-learning platforms, are great offers to students and creators. Thinkific and Udemy have a lot of common features, but they differ in many of the departments. One costs more money. The other makes it easy to work on. Looking at the end, comparing Thinkific Vs. Udemy below:

THINKIFIC                    UDEMY
Unlimited Courses    Yes     Yes
Customized Domain    Yes     No
Course Ownership  Yes  Yes, but one cannot remove them from the marketplace
Control on Price  Yes    No
Marketplace  No  Yes
Multiple Instructors  Yes    No
Instant access to funds  Yes  No, Also it can take upto 3 months


Udemy developed in 2010, is an E-learning platform that offers more than 32,000 courses, with access to over 190 countries. Along with academics, Udemy offers a wide range of courses, including health and fitness, Music, business, Art, and so much more. A great thing about Udemy is that apart from many paid courses, it offers a vast list of free courses you can access. Anyone willing to learn can enroll in the free programs.


Thinkific is more or less an e-learning app like Udemy. Thinkific was developed in 2012. Just like Udemy, Thinkific too provides plenty of courses on its platform. Thinkific helps with creating and selling our courses without any trouble. If one has valuable content, one can create and upload it without worrying about anything else. Also, because the software is cloud-based, all of the content gets stored, hence lesser chances of losing it.

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Thinkific Vs. Udemy: How do they differ from each other? 

Though Thinkific and Udemy provide the same services, they have many differences. For example, one can have their say while setting up a domain name with Thinkific, but not Udemy. Similarly, Thinkific does not offer us a marketplace, but we can have a marketplace with Udemy. Below are some of the many differences between Thinkific and Udemy:

Features: Thinkific Vs. Udemy

Thinkific and Udemy are in the same business. They offer a bunch of different features. Below is the list of some of them:

From customizing our goals to tracking them, Thinkific has many great features that let students learn much better. As for creators, they can be more creative with their content, creating video content, quizzes, surveys, etc. Here are some features provided by Thinkific:There might not be many features that Udemy provides us, like Thinkific, but it still has a lot to offer. Creators can add quality to their courses by enumerating quizzes and assignments to the curriculum. Additionally, any creator can assist with their course help and answer their students’ questions through chat. Some additional features are
Any course can be connected to the existing domainStudent messaging personally
Export DataA Q&A dashboard
Mobile FriendlyPromotional emailing
Options with Site language Course announcement through emailing
Discussion forumsTargeted audience
Complete hosting
Secure cloud hosting
Affiliate marketing programs
Instant access to Funds
Free trial offers

Price: Thinkific Vs. Udemy

Prices can make or break our decision to enroll in any app. Especially if one isn’t sure how long they will pursue that field.

FREE          Free                Free
Essential plan                $49              $19
Business plan                $99              $24
Advance plan                $279          $29- $34

No Ownership Over Your Students: Thinkific Vs. Udemy

A creator gets known with their students. But not all platforms give us total control over our students.

Thinkific gives its creators unbounded access to contact their students.Getting access to only limited things on what one can and cannot do to coach their student can be a problem.
Creators have complete power over their students.Creators on Udemy have limited access to their students. 

Payment Options: Thinkific Vs. Udemy

Thinkific and Udemy have completely different ways in the payment department.

Thinkific offers you various payment options. There are free courses. There are one-time payments, Fixed payments, and Recurring payments.Udemy only has two options for you. You can either offer a free course or a one-time payment.
  One-Time Payment    Free
  Fixed Payment    One-Time Payment
Recurring Payment

Transaction Fee: Thinkific Vs. Udemy

A transaction fee is deducted no matter the platform one chooses. There can be many dissimilarities in both of them.

Thinkific, just like Udemy, also charges a transaction fee. Thinkific charges are something like this:Transaction fee for Udemy creators is much more hostile than of Thinkific.
    Free Plan- 10%    Paid Sales (Includes Facebook ads)- 75%
    Essential Plan- 5%    Promotions are done by Udemy- 50%
    Business Plan- 0%    Self-promotions- 3%


Where Thinkific offers us the choice of a domain name, Udemy does not. Udemy has a marketplace for creators, but Thinkific does not. If you ask which one is better when comparing Thinkific Vs. Udemy. Udemy offers many benefits in some departments, yet Thinkific leads in most. Both offer the best service, and one can choose according to their needs and requirements.

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