Thunderbird North star Rainbow six siege. Everything you need to know.

Fans get ready for some very exciting and interesting news. Thunderbird North star is moving into its second season for Rainbow six siege. The production has finally made this news official, and they have introduced the next operator, and her name is “Thunderbird”. The official name of season 2 is North Star. In this article, we will discuss all the Thunderbird North stars in detail.


This new update in season 2 is going to an interesting element for fans. Thunderbird North star is a pilot. She has taken control of the helicopter, and she is a rescuer. She saved the life of Nomad. He is the explorer of the team. He gave more details about the upcoming operator Thunderbird. He said that she takes risks. But the risks are calculated. She is in control always and looks out for her surroundings.

Thunderbird honor’s her mother teachings. He looks up to them. While she was young and growing up in Nakoda Territories, it was her one true passion to look out for her community and to preserve them. Her community traditions first lead her to walk in hydrology first place. She studied everything about wastewater, water storage, river management. Thunderbird believes with all her heart that understanding the concept of water with respect to the earth is the very first step in ensuring essential and enough water resources for all the people.

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More about Thunderbird North star

Thunderbird North star
Thunderbird North star

She is very resourceful and a person with a great mind. She was seen splinting a broken bone with two sticks and a shoelace. It was a bit strange because in this line, actually there is not enough time to tie shoelaces. Her distribution method is something to talk about. She can be everywhere at once. Thunderbird is undoubtedly going to be one of the most interesting and resourceful operators for the squad after a long time. Thunderbird North star is also a kind spirit.

Since she is from the Nakoda region, her spirit is very connected and closely tied to nature, and she is needing to use the tools which are from the earth rather than relying on high-tech technology. Nomad is assuming that once it is added to the Rainbow, she will need to blend the skills she has with her region with the technology team.

North Star in Thunderbird North star

The production has officially revealed the name of season 2, and it is North Star. This new operation is completely gone from the title. Crimson Heist was just one of the standalone stories. It is no longer a part of this seasonal content, as it now. The reason being that Ghost Recon has been using Operation for some of its content. Therefore, it can be removed from this season’s content. This is all for Thunderbird North star updates. Check out our website to know more. We will keep you updated with the newest updates regarding the new season.

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