Titanium White Zombas back in Rocket League. How to get it Cheap?

Rocket League has surprised its fans with the return of Titanium White Zombas in store. A piece of good news for all Titanium White Zombas riders. The update has been confirmed from the official sources. In this post, you are going to acknowledge the new Titanium White Zombas with new credits. Additionally, the readers are all set to avail them at lower and affordable prices.

Titanium White Zombas
The Titanium White Zomba all set to hit the stores again.

Titanium White Zombas back in Rocket League again with distinguished prices

Give it a look . It is all about the new Titanium White Zumba with the credits

Previously, the Titanium White Zombas were not the same. But, at this time, they are for 1000 credits. Their prices keep fluctuating. This is beneficial for Rocket League traders. Also, this is a limited time offer. So, do not forget to avail of the offer soon. The classic and clean Titanium White Zombas are back in the stores. Apart from this, the classic white wheels are also impressive. You can avail them by using code ” dylbobzyt “.

Titanium White Zombas with various features

After all, the Titanium White Zombas are one of the most desirable cars in the Rocket League store. Usually, they are updated with every return. The various Titanium White Zombas are as shown below :

Titanium White Tigress

The modified version is quite cool .Moreover , this Titanium White Zomba is for 800 credits . It is probably cheaper this time . The white exotic wheels are awesome .

Geo soul

The pink colour relishes the new Geo Soul. Furthermore, it comes with an import rocket boost. Give it a look. This time it comes with 600 credits.

TYGRIS : SILENCER rare decal

It is like an Ombre Decal in pink this time. It also looks fancy in the orange and purple colour available this time. This Titanium White Zomba comes for 100 credits.

Deep six : Import animated decal

It looks awesome in purple. It is recommended due to its cheaper rates. This Titanium White Zomba is worth attention. Again, this Titanium White Zomba is for 500 credits.

Almagest : exotic animated decal

This Titanium White Zomba is scheduled for 700 credits. Besides, it looks cool in yellow and purple.

Yuzo : very rare wheels

This Titanium White Zomba is for 300 credits. Additionally, The pink wheels along with the yellow body says it all.

Neoctane : rare player banner

This Titanium White Zomba is for 100 credits. You can have a look at the banner in the store.

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