Tokyo Revenger episode 15 release date and spoilers

After its release in July 2021, Tokyo Revenger was a rapid success among anime watchers with its unique storyline and characters. The story revolves around a boy who was a biker gang member in his teens. It depicts the subculture of Japanese youth and biker gangs, namely called Bōsōzoku. This culture started in the 1950s and was quite popular in 1990 with around 42,510 members. Now the next episode, Tokyo Revenger episode 15, will be released soon.

The show is a great combination of the sweet youth with aspirations, love and friendship. Furthermore, it also has a dark, mysterious side. As the simple biker gang turning into a violent, vicious criminal organisation. The next episode, Tokyo Revenger episode 15, will be released soon.

Tokyo Revenger episode 15

Tokyo Revenger episode 15 release date

The 15th episode of Tokyo Revenger is scheduled to be released on 18th July 2021. The episode will be available on Crunchyroll.

Tokyo Revenger episode 15

Recap of Tokyo Revenger episode 14

Takemichi returns to the past to resolve the mystery of how did Toman end up under the claws of Kisaki. Also, to find out more about Kisaki as there is nothing much known about him. As he returns, he finds himself in the middle of the Toman meeting with all the members. They were gathered to know who is going to be the Captain of the 3rd division. To Takemichi’s surprise, he finds out that Kisaki is going to be the Captain. Knowing what he will do to the gang and his close friends, without thinking, he punches him. Meanwhile, Baji appeared in the scene and created a ruckus. In the end, he declares that he is leaving Toman.

When Baji leaves, Kisaki approaches Takemichi and knocks him out. When Takemichi gains consciousness, he realizes that Mickey was sitting beside him. Mickey asks Takemichi to bring back Baji to him as he was a special friend to him. As well as one of the founding members of Toman among five members. Takemichi promises him that he will do that, and in return, Mickey will not let Kisaki join Toman.

Spoiler of Tokyo Revenger episode 15

Each episode of Tokyo Revenger leaves the audience hungry for more. There are a lot of things that we might discover in the upcoming episode. But most certainly will find out what is the reason behind Baji leaving Toman and Who is the sixth founding member of the Toman. As for we can tell that the sixth member is Kazutora. He was one of the friends of Mickey.

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