Tokyo Revengers Episode 17

Tokyo Revengers is a popular gangsta manga series written and illustrated by Ken Wakui. The genre is based on action thriller, science fiction, and Yanki. Maybe that’s the reason it has an astounding fanbase all over. The anime adaption of this manga was premiered on 11 April 2021 by Liden Films. The English dubbed version is licensed by Crunchyroll and Muse Communication. It has released a total of seventeen episodes to date. Here you will find more information about Tokyo Revengers Episode 17.

The story reveals a 26-year-old Takemichi Hanagaki who is unemployed with no hopes in his life. He comes to know that his middle school ex-girlfriend (One and only to date) named Hinata Tachibana, along with her brother, is being murdered by Tokyo Manji Gang. So while one day he is pushed in front of the train, he teleports exactly twelve years into the past of his middle school life in 2005. So he decides this time, he will not let his girlfriend die and became a popular gangsta to join in the Tokyo Manji Gang so he could stop that event from occurring.

The Plot Synopsis of Tokyo Revengers

Before knowing the plot details of the 17th episode, first, let us recall what happened previously on Tokyo Revengers. The scenes begin with a newly formed Tokyo Manji Gang in 2003 enjoying life and driving their bikes. Where Manjiro is very slow with his moped, so others complain about his bike, but he considers it as CB250T Street Hawk. Suddenly a bikers gang stops and starts mocking them at their unheard name. One of those guys tries to harm Manjiro’s bike, but the dangerous streak he gives out scares the guy. So they return by failed threatening.

Our lead gang still continues riding while Manjiro’s moped is short of gas, where Ken blames him for his irresponsible actions. Now the question arrives about who will go to the gas station, so they play paper scissors and stone. Keisuke Baji defeats here, and hence he is sent to the gas station while others leave for the beach staring at hot women in bikinis. At the same time, Manjiro is missing to look for his trunks which he forgets, while Baji is encountered by those earlier guys who start to beat him, but at the perfect time, Manjiro arrives and saves him.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 17

A Review on Tokyo Revengers Episode 17

In Tokyo Revengers Episode 17, we see that a war between Tokyo Manji Gang and Valhalla is about to begin. Takemichi has found the truth about how the three gangs formed, namely Manji, Valhalla, and Mebius. Where Kazushi tells Takemichi about the Headless Angel and Hanemiya Kazutora, Valhalla No. 3. Suddenly Kazutora arrives and takes Takemichi along with him to the Valhalla Hideout location. When they reach the hideout, they confront Baji, who betrayed and joined the Valhalla gang because of Tetta Kisaki.

Takemichi still tries to remind him that his actions are a pure betrayal to Mikey and their gang. Despite being a former founding member of the gang, he chose to exit it. But Baji said he holds a grudge against Toman. Takemichi is wondering about the situation as he expected something else. Baji explains how one day has tuned venomous for him. He recalled in 2003, Mikey and the boys were traveling on bikes, where some punks arrived and made fun of their gang name. To read more exciting content on your popular anime and manga series, visit our official website Wabbitfree for the latest updates.

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