Tokyo Revengers episode 18 release date and spoilers

Tokyo Revengers is anime with an insight into the Japanese biker’s gangs culture that flourishes during the 80s and 90s. However, like most animes, this one too has a little twist of supernatural. The manga of anime was released in 2016. The illustrator, as well as the writer of it, is Ken Wahui. The manga of Tokyo Revengers was also awarded in the shōnen category by the 44th Kodansha Manga award. Tokyo Revengers episode 18 will be soon aired.

The plot of Tokyo Revengers

The story focuses on a boy named Takemichi who has now grown an adult; however when he hears the news of his former girlfriend. And get to know that she is dead, he realises what a loser he has been all his life. While thinking all this, he meets an accident, and that leads to a baffling discovery. He somehow goes back in time as he falls off in front of the train. He goes back 12 years and relives his life as a high schooler. But when he meets Naoto, his girlfriend’s brother, and shakes hands with him, he comes back to the present.

He tried to protect his former girlfriend, Hinata, and her brother killed by the Toman biker gang. However, when he goes back, he realises that the leader of Toman, Mickey is a nice guy, and he wouldn’t kill Hinata. So he tries to solve this mystery and save everyone he cares about with his power.

Release Date of Tokyo Revengers episode 18

The planned date for the release of the much loved Tokyo Revengers is 6th August 2021. The Liden Films produce the anime. Episodes of Tokyo Revengers will be released on Tv Tokyo, MSB, and other originals networks. However, they will also be available on Crunchyroll.

Review of episode 17 of Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers episode 18

The 17th episode of Tokyo Revengers was titled “No way” and was released on 1st August. In this episode, we see a new character called Chifuyu. We also get to know that the Baji has only gone to Valhalla to get knowledge about Kisaki. And he is still loyal to Mickey. So Chifuyu and Takemichi together try to find more about Kisaki and reveal his truth.

When they reach out to the former commander of the Mobius gang, and from there, they fund out that Misaki was the one who planned the attack on Draken as he aimed to get into the Toman and replace him. Then when Takemichi returned to the present and went to see Draken, he tells him that the formation of Valhalla gangs was with the reason to be dominated by Mickey.

While Draken talked with Takemichi, he made some comments about how Mickey will kill Katzutora. And that would happen during the Bloody Halloween. Meanwhile, it is still unknown what Kisaki is planning. With the Valhalla and Toman conflict proceeding. Misaki will surely try to use this in his favour, but how is still vague.

Spoilers for Tokyo Revengers episode 18

In the upcoming episode, we are going to see quite a bloodshed. Takemichi will try to make Baji understand the importance of the situation and how he wants him to come back alive. However, Baji will get killed, and this will lead to Mickey killing Katzutora as Mickey believed that Katzutora killed baji. Each episode of the series has been nerve-breaking and entertaining. The explicitly shown emotions of the characters are what drawn the audience. For more information, visit Wabbitfree.

Tokyo Revengers episode 18

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