Top 5 Strongest Characters in Dragon Ball Super

Who are the top 5 characters among so many characters in Dragon Ball? Wabbitfree has got the official ranking of the top 5 strongest characters in Dragon Ball super. The fights in Dragon Ball series, have stuck with us because of the wonderful characters. In the Dragon Ball series, we have seen warriors of great strength, power, and skills that we watch growing stronger and stronger in every part of the series.

Literally, in every series of Dragon Ball, it is constantly shown that an enemy can quickly become a friend. It is one of the big reasons that characters are so loved throughout the show.

List of Top 5 strongest characters in Dragon Ball Super

In finding out the strongest characters in Dragon Ball, we are ignoring the fusion characters, only looking at the characters that are still alive, and only canon, the main timeline character. Spirits that do not fight like zero will not be ranked, since their power is more in the omnipotent category. The ranking will exactly be based on the peak of the character. Here is the list of the 5 strongest characters in Dragon Ball which are ranked officially. They are as follows:-

1. Whis

Amongst all the 5 strongest characters in Dragon Ball, Whis is the first strongest character of all five characters. If we place Whis at the top, so in this case, Zeno should be at the top of the list. But Zeno, the Omni-king isn’t a powerful character. His powers are more about his quality of having unlimited power and the god’s control over reality and the multiverse.

So who is at the top of the list of the series and who could fight? None other than one and only Beerus’s angel assistant, Whis. He is the teacher of Beerus which means he is very strong and a better fighter than the God of Destruction. Although he might not be an active fighter, because of his relationship with Beerus as his teacher he is the strongest and a better fighter.

Strongest Characters in Dragon Ball Super

Whis has some ultimate powers. He has power in spades, he is a skilled fighter and a teacher, and he is a very powerful being. Among all the angels. He has terrific speed in fighting and traveling across the universe. And most importantly, Whis has great magical abilities which allow him to create everything he needs and even he can bring the dead back to life. So Whis is the strongest fighter in the Dragon Ball series.

2. Beerus

Among all the 5 strongest characters in the Dragon Ball series, Beerus is the second one. Beerus is the God of Destruction and he is the only God of Destruction whose powers we have seen in the whole series. That’s why he is the only one we can judge among all Gods of Destroyers. Why Beerus is stronger than Jiren? Let’s take a look at what destroyer does.

The job of God of Destruction is to destroy but is what is destroyed by them? Beerus uses his destruction energy to take out all the dangers to the mortal life of humans and peace in the universe. Some think Jiren’s level of powers might be higher, but Beerus has both godly ki, which he has trained for years and it is most powerful than regular ki. Whis is the teacher of Beerus and the destructive energy is paired with the training that he has received from Whis. That means the power of Beerus beats Jiren’s even if his level of mastery may not.


Among all the 5 strongest characters in Dragon Ball, Jiren is the third strongest character in the series. He is the pride cop from the universe 11. The only thing Jiren is concerned about is Strength. He worked so hard to achieve maximum strength. He is so powerful that gods are afraid of him that this legendary warrior would defeat them in the future.

Jiren is an incredibly strong character in the Dragon Ball series, that he can move his muscle to destroy an opponent. And when he is serious his punches hit the one very far away and his physic attacks are unstoppable. Jiren was so strong that his powers are enough to challenge Goku to achieve a new form. So Jiren is the strongest mortal that exists in the world of Dragon Ball.

4. Goku

Among all the 5 strongest characters in Dragon Ball, Goku comes on fourth. Goku is the main character, of the series of all other characters. Goku ranks higher than Vegeta. On seeing the whole point of his character, his breaking boundaries, his pushing limits, his powers of pushing as far as it can go, so by all these means he should be on the first, but why he is on the fourth? He has achieved a new form of the tournament of strength which is very unique. Ultra Ego Vegeta has Super Saiyan Blue evolution, but he doesn’t possess what Goku has.

The form of Super Saiyan is not only a form and is more of a technique that is transformed. The powers and forms Goku has were not easily achievable. Even the gods of dragon ball find it difficult to achieve and master it. This is the reason they all stood up with respect when Goku used his Ultra Instinct for the first time. The power of Goku is so much more than he shows, because if he attacks without thinking relying on the pure intention to attack, then he would be the strongest than he has ever been.

5. Vegeta

Among all the 5 strongest characters in Dragon Ball, Vegeta comes at number five of all on the list. Vegeta was the only one who was able to defeat Toppo. He is the one who was able to survive by his explosions, this says a lot about Vegeta’s power. He is ranked as number five in this list for a few reasons. The first reason is that he defeated Toppu, and he is capable of just defeating a destroyer. And second, he defeated Goku in the tournament of power at least in one regard.

As a result of that, using the godly ki both Goku and Vegeta can go Super Saiyan Blue. Goku achieved a new form of his own, well Vegeta also achieved a new form in the tournament of power known as Super Saiyan Blue Evolution with godly ki. That makes him one of the top 5 characters of the Dragon Ball series.

As a new arc is going on, we are still able to find out some new interesting characters that can go up to more power levels than these characters. In the ongoing manga, we have already seen some strong characters like more and Granolah. So, let’s wait for a bit until the new animated series of dragon ball series launches.

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