Top anime movies releasing this month(May 2021)

Every generation of approximately every country loves movies. Watching movies is great fun as well. People start connecting themselves as the super characters showed over there. Anime movies are more popular among the youth generation who create a virtual world for themselves, and when such youngsters approach to watch these kinds of movies, there is a high rise in demand. Here are the top anime movies releasing this month (May 2021)

Anime movies are the most spiced topic for the upcoming generation who want a slight drift in thoughts. They also have a different mindset to be showcased in front of them. Animated movies are full of fantasy and have an amazing storyline that can easily template the adequate amount of education given to youngsters. Such movies help make a person more thoughtful towards technology and other society’s morals.

List of Top anime movies releasing this month(May 2021)

Here is the list of top anime movies releasing this month(May 2021). All the below-mentioned anime movies will be ready to go on your screen this month. You can stream them on Crunchyroll or in Funimation.


This movie is going to release by 14 May 2021. This Japanese base movie comes at the very top of the list. This series has an amazing masterpiece of graphics and fantasy world filled with rejoicing colors of the anime world. This movie is the upcoming part of Knights of Sidonia; it has 24 episodes on the list to be telecasted. The whole series is based on a mission destined to become a Garde Pilot and save Sidonia’s spaceship. This movie also has some songs that can develop emotions and positively impact the mindset. 

Features of Sidonia no Kishi: ai tsumugu Hoshi.

  • Visuals – The series looks more real than you believe, overall this anime is amazing and having a great soundtrack with outstanding animation skills. 
  • File size – SVG file with 407*120 pixels
  • Storyline – A mission-based storyline with appreciating work done, it would be worth watching.


This movie is going to release by 21 May 2021. This is also the second most favorite on the list. The event is based on a Japanese media franchise that was created in 2017. The movie in all comprises 12 episodes which are anime. Starlight is none other than a song in the same respective movie. Bushiroad, kinema citrus, creates it. The storyline is amazing as well as fascinating too especially for the girls who love dancing by heart. Competitive mindsets would also acclaim this movie worth watching. With mysterious auditioning and getting selected, wouldn’t it be an exciting movie to watch with friends! 

Features of shoujo kageki revue starlight

  • Visuals – The series is having commendable skills of graphic art with marvelous songs and most importantly the soundtrack is above the mark.
  • File size – A4 -Material pp and this a machine translation.
  • Storyline – Stunning plot considering the competition, ambition, and keeping in mind that everyone can achieve their wants with complete determination.


This movie is also going to release by 21 May 2021. The third most promising movie on the list. This series is also denoted as Hathaway’s flash, is based on a novel created and written by Yoshiyuki. Hiroyuki has given bewildering music to this composition; this event is bottomed at 3 respective volumes. It is a mission-based story to prevent the Earth federation from privatizing. A terrorist organization named MAFTY. The movie is a full package of fun for a boys gang. Filled up with all the actions that usually boys prefer to watch.

Features of mobile suit Gundam Hathaway

  • Visuals – surprising graphic and anime work, it would satisfy you in giving 3D level of quality with astonishing sound quality and bass boosted action sound.
  • File size – 1080p and 4k quality, YIFY at the smallest file size.
  • Storyline – Complete package of entertainment, containing action, the emotion of nationality, and saving the earth from terrorist attack. Even the makers would enjoy this whole series.


This movie will get released by the end of the month, that is, 28 May 2021. The wait is not much as you will get a good response of your waiting. Every generation would enjoy this series as it will connect with everyone’s emotions. As the tagline says’ A crocodile who will die in hundred days.’ It is a Japanese series with lots and lots of emotional value. It is written by Yuuki Kikuchi and published by Shogakukan. This movie will revolve around the life of a crocodile who was living a normal life and was unaware of his death in his last 100 days. He wished to fulfill all his dreams.

Features of 100 Nichikan ikita Wani

  • Values – the value of life, emotions, and dreams are flooded in this context. Watching the world from a different perspective and that of an animal. This movie will impact people differently.
  • Visuals – sad but happy visualization with sorrowful music and a chance to live life at a very delicate strain.
  • Storyline – an amazing storyline flooded over with emotions kids below age 5 would not get the plot but will surely enjoy the deeds done by the crocodile.

All the above movies will impact brains differently, but one thing will remain constant: love for anime projects and movies among the viewers. Getting connected with the characters would remain the same. Understanding the plots of each movie would be surely easy for the youth generation as these movies are animated, a fantasy world without any disruption in thoughts.  

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