About us

We Take Responsibility Not Work

Wabbitfree always comprehends the business model of our customers, and we take its positioning seriously. Therefore, rather than only providing the content, we took on the duty of communicating your message to your audience. Through our innovative communication, we hope to enhance your consumer base and, in turn, your revenue.

Since we started doing this four years ago, we have helped several large corporations, SMEs, and start-ups with investor backing. We have gained invaluable knowledge in communicating with the end user through scripting material for diverse requirements for businesses at various levels. 

The analysis comes first, then research and development, and finally, appealing content creation. We establish the tone for your marketing materials based on the nature of your company and the target market. To provide professional and successful material, we ideate, brainstorm, and punctuate based on your criteria.

Many businesses across different industry sectors have benefited from Wabbitfree so far. We have given their company a voice through websites and other marketing materials and helped it win hearts. Our goal is to become the most elite communication and content writing service firm that thrives on creative power and provides businesses with more clout.

Our Vision

India’s content market is not well-organized. Many businesses need a material that is SEO-friendly, pertinent, and traffic-attracting but struggle to find qualified content writers. We’re here to bridge this divide. By offering high-quality content, Content-Whale hopes to improve each company’s online visibility, attract great clients, and increase sales.

Our Mission

Our company’s mission statement is to support all businesses, whether they are new or well-established. With the aid of content, we assist in establishing a significant and better presence across all digital channels. We want to help businesses spend less money creating quality content for their internet presence. In addition, we strongly emphasize professionalism, punctuality, and a positive workplace atmosphere.

Man Behind the Wabbitfree

Mukul Dhiman

(Founder of Wabbitfree)

Came from an engineering background Mukul Dhiman is a B.tech graduate from IT. With more than 4 years of experience as a content writer and content marketing. Well-versed in creating creative content for various industries and preparing the content strategy for the content.

Mukul Dhiman (Founder of Wabbitfree)