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Why is Zoho Workplace Better to Use?

As a businessman or working man in this online era, you probably start your day with email. Or the updates on the project you are working on. Or maybe it’s the events you have to work on today. What if you could see all this on your screen altogether? Sounds crowded? Have a look at the Zoho workplace dashboard. 

Yes, Zoho workplace provides you with everything you need to start your work incredibly neat and organised manner. This article will take you through an academic journey of the Zoho workplace while exploring its amazing features and productivity tools.

Zoho Cliq: Simplify Your Team Communication

With Zoho Cliq, you can have a seamless communication experience with your team. It offers things that are not very common in other chat-ups. For instance, no matter what apps you are working on, you can respond to Zoho Cliq chats from anywhere. It simplifies your team collaboration in the following ways :

  • Chat Channels – It has different chat channels for group discussions and one-on-one interactions
  • Audio and video calls – You can simply click on the call icon to connect with your team over audio or video calls 
  • Presentation – Zoho Cliq also offers a whiteboard for your presentations with great highlighting tools, making the presentation clear and effective
  • Remote work module – One of the most important and not-so-common elements of Zoho Cliq is the remote work module. It helps employees check-in, allowing team members to know their presence.

Zoho Mail: Streams and Email Sharing

Internal business communication takes up a lot of time. According to research, a person can save 25% of the time on emails if internal business communications are sent to a social media platform. Zoho workplace presents you with one. The Zoho stream feature is especially meant for internal group or team collaboration. It takes you into a social media-style interaction zone. Let your stream of ideas flow with the Zoho stream.


Email Sharing 

Zoho workplace presents an unconventional way of email sharing. Normally, emails are forwarded to different individuals, which is not interesting. With Zoho, let’s say you received a mail from your client and want the job done at the earliest. Instead of wasting time forwarding emails, tag your team members in the comment section below. It will allow you and others to share ideas and accomplish the job. The comments will not be part of the original email.

As a business person, communicating with international clients is a common thing. But you do not know all the languages. Zoho mail features an inbuilt translator to help you deal with international clients. You do not need to go for translators or translating apps with Zoho workplace at your service.

Zoho Writer: Create, Share and Publish

You have worked on word and PowerPoint. Zoho writer is as simple to use but with extraordinary features. With its collaborative editing feature, you can work with your teammates on the same page. The edits of different members will be highlighted in different colours to maintain the distinction. You can also comment and tag while editing.

One of the special features of Zoho writers is Zia – the AI assistant Zoho. You can trust Zia with grammatical errors or spell checks. It also ensures the quality of your written content. Along with spotting and correcting errors, it checks your readability score and recommends better alternatives. Zia also generates automated graphs and charts based on information in spreadsheets.

Zoho Meetings: Remote Yet Together

Get the feel of togetherness with Zoho meetings. Meetings help your business grow with collaborative brainstorming over business ideas. Zoho meetings give you a chance to schedule meetings or to start right away. Control meetings with various options available. You can mute, unmute or share your screen with one click. Meetings can also be recorded for future reference.

Zoho Mail Vs. Google Workspace: A Comparison

There are a lot of articles comparing the features and functions of Zoho mail and google workspace. They have been competitors, especially in the field of communication software. Let’s take a close look at the distinctions they offer. 

While google workspace, aka G suite, is a collection of google apps offering separate tools for communication and collaboration among team members and clients, Zoho serves as a bundle of apps for business people on one platform. However, both are awesome in their services; Zoho is great for startups for its low pricing values.


Since working methods have changed dramatically over the decades, workplaces have also evolved. Zoho workplace meets the demands of modern workspaces. With Zoho workplace on your side, you do not need to use tools like HubSpot or MailChimp. Instead of creating different apps for different purposes, it bundles all the apps on email, document management, presentation, and chats in one platform. With Zoho’s world-class technology in your hand, take your office wherever you go!

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