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Zoho CRM Plus: Pricing, Features in detail

Managing your business’s relationships with customers becomes a complicated task. As everything has gone online, the organization’s major growth depends on Customer Relationship Management (CRM). In today’s era, customers are the real drivers of any organization. Whether a startup or an established organization, it would be best if you built glowing relationships with your customers. For streamlining your business, you can proactively opt for brand innovation, i.e., Zoho CRM Plus.

A digital platform that guides you through the steps of a customer life cycle and engages your prospects. It streamlines and automates sales from the same platform. To deliver an exceptional experience to each customer, Zoho CRM Plus is a great choice that comes to your mind. 

Top things about Zoho CRM Plus

  • 100% customizable
  • 360 Degree Lead Capture
  • Affordable pricing
  • Offers ten products under one unified interface
  • Access from anywhere

Customer Context across all touchpoints

Zoho CRM Plus entitles you to manage marketing, project management, sales, and team collaboration from one place. It provides a seamless and consistent experience at every customer journey stage.  

Zoho CRM Plus Omnichannel customer engagement delivers a contextual and engaging customer experience across multiple channels, be it email, phone, social media, or portal.
Inter-team communication of Zoho CRM Plus drives teams to a common goal and establishes collaboration with teams in real-time from different departments.
To get a clear view of your customer, you need to collect & analyze data to work together. Zoho CRM Plus acts upon your customer data across different channels in real-time.
Zoho CRM Plus enhances office productivity, business communication, and remote work. It tackles all complex business processes into automated and efficient workflows.
It offers a full suite of mobile apps, which makes it easy wherever you go. Zoho CRM Plus lets you view marketing insights and organizational updates on the fly.

With Zoho CRM Plus, you can manage your teams with a centralized panel as they scale over time. Get your team up & running in no time.

Omnichannel Engagement

As you have already gone through the six main features of Zoho CRM Plus, let’s look at its sub-features. Omnichannel engagement is an innovative feature of Zoho CRM Plus that focuses on streamlining all interactions through multiple channels. Whether email, live chat, survey, or social media CRM Plus provides superior customer service most efficiently.

The email management in Zoho CRM Plus personalizes your email messages and campaigns with appropriate data from leads and customer records. 
You can target the content and timings of your emails to qualify leads in Zoho CRM Plus.
You can place, receive, transfer, and record calls within Zoho CRM Plus. It is featured with PBX and a telephony system that helps you to make calls with ease.
It gives you prompt reminders for upcoming calls. 
Social Media
It enables you to plan, implement and manage your social media campaigns. You can use powerful social publishing tools to create relevant interactions with customers.
It leads you to connect & capture customers’ attention socially.
Customer Portals
Zoho CRM Plus provides users with the freedom to access their profile, view invoices, check order details and update personal information.
Customers, vendors, or partners customize their portals to replicate the business.

Inter-team Communication

Inter-team Communication provides fantastic messaging tools that ensure real-time team communications across multiple departments. It highly focuses on each team member working together to deliver a consistent customer experience after, before & during a sale. You can see from the table given below that in what ways Inter-team communication is beneficial to you.

Better together
For more transparency & faster decision-making, Zoho CRM Plus uses feeds to share status updates & teams to discuss ideas.
Common goal
It drives the team towards a common goal. It consists of various project management tools, such as forums, task lists, reporting, etc., that help your teams stay organized and focused on their targets.
Stay in the loop
If you want immediate feedback from other team members, you can tag them in the shared document or presentation. 
This way, you can stay updated and get notified about various projects and developments.
Real-time conversation
CRM Plus lets you connect with anyone in your organization in real time, make calls, and share documents from your desk.
It enables anyone to communicate or interact in real-time with multiple departments on the internet.


Zoho CRM Plus Productivity supports you in managing all your business processes with an automated, efficient interface. It provides a design plan called “Blueprint” that gives a clear picture of any service process. 

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Blueprint assures a balanced work distribution among your employees. With Blueprint, you can capture every stage of the lead consisting of a discount process, deal closing, and order management. It executes every stage of each process systematically. It ensures all the team members follow the same procedure. Moreover, Blueprint is beneficial in the following ways:

  • Build, Sell and Repeat using Blueprint
  • Automate your sales process
  • Offers an on-demand help desk
  • Run consistent campaigns
  • Find the emails you need
  • Proactively engage website visitors


Its mobility provides a wide range of mobile applications that allow you to work anytime, anywhere. It helps your teams stay informed, ready to engage customers and make decisions on the go. Here are various applications explained below:

Zoho Business Card Scanner
Zoho Business Card Scanner allows you to save contacts on your mobile automatically. 
It is available for both iOS and Android software. 
Zoho Survey
You can create surveys and customize them with different templates and themes. Access and customize reports with your cell phones.
Zoho Campaigns
Zoho Campaigns permits Android & iOS apps to send and monitor campaigns from your mobile phones.
Sales IQ
It tracks and engages visitors to your website in an effective & efficient way.

Insights & Intelligence

It helps your customer-facing teams gather contextual information and derive insights from the many touchpoints of the customer lifecycle. 

Zia gives your sales reps insights to make them more productive. 
You can call Zia from your mobile app or chat with her to get any information from your CRM database.
Turn data into sights.
It connects data from different sources into a single repository to help you identify new business opportunities. 
It creates custom metrics, personalized reports, & multi-dimensional analysis- all without the need for programming.
Anticipate Revenue
It anticipates your sales revenue by breaking down your team’s or salespeople’s current performance.
It compares sales and identifies top achievers based on the region.
Track website visitors
It identifies some top prospects with status reports and brings new leads to your CRM.
It categorizes visitors based on the number of visits, referral codes, etc.
It also identifies what hours of the day your customer support activities are busiest. 


  • Zoho CRM Plus simplifies setup & administration, minimizing the time you spend on managing the system without affecting security, functionality, or user experience. 
  • It is designed to expand your business.
  • It eliminates the headache of coordinating different software products across multiple areas.
  • It is flexible for all company’s requirements and sizes.


CRM Plus is available for Cloud, iPhone, iPad, and Android. A 30-day free trial is available, after which Zoho CRM Plus is priced as follows:

Rs. 2900 per user per month billed annually.
Rs. 3500 per user month to month
Local taxes, such as GST, VAT, etc., will be charged in addition to the earlier prices.


It becomes crystal clear that customer relationship management plays a vital role in digital marketing. If you have not onboarded a CRM Plus software yet, then consider it & make the right choice. It is progressively proved that Zoho CRM Plus is the best technological asset companies can invest in reliably. 

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