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A cloud-based CRM platform, Zoho CRM consists of a suite of tools to cater to the needs of its users. It is one of the most popularized CRM software in the CRM market, which helps build better customer relationships. It enables users to host webinars, attract convertible leads, conduct sales calls and meetings, create presentations, and more. With the help of Zoho CRM software, you can boundlessly expand your business. But to get started with your journey, you need to be aware of the Zoho CRM pricing plans. We have curated a list of the entire Zoho CRM pricing structure for you to check out. 

Zoho CRM Pricing Plans

To know which CRM software would be most appropriate for your business, you need to do serious research. But we have brought a complete guide to the Zoho CRM pricing plan, which will help you make a well-informed decision. Zoho CRM is a leading CRM software that will help you immensely raise the bar for your competitors. Below is a full-fledged list of Zoho CRM pricing options for your to choose from :  

1. Standard Plan 

Zoho CRM offers monthly as well as annual payment options. Discount coupons are available if users pay for an entire year in one go. The Standard Plan costs $20. With this plan, you get access to all the basic features of Zoho CRM. These are workflows, mass email, custom dashboards, sales forecasting, scoring rules, multiple pipelines, etc. Features are almost similar across both monthly and annual subscriptions.

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2. Professional Plan 

The Zoho CRM pricing plans tend to get expensive as you avail yourself of advanced services. The Professional Plan includes special features such as validation rules, sales signals, web-to-case forms, inventory management, and a blueprint, among other things. Besides these functions, this plan offers all the extensive features of the Standard plan. Creating a Zoho CRM account on the Professional Plan will cost you $35.

3. Enterprise Plan

It is the most renowned plan covered under the various Zoho CRM pricing plans. The monthly subscription for the Enterprise Plan costs $50 per user per month. Users can avail of an annual subscription at a discounted rate of $35. It has the characteristics of the Standard and the Professional plans but with certain additional services. These include Canvas, Mobile SDK and MDM, Advanced Customization, Command Center, Multi-user Portals, Zia AI, etc. 

4. Ultimate Plan 

The Ultimate Plan, also known as the Plus Plan, is packed with the most advanced features. This same plan begins at $60, and users are charged monthly. On the other hand, the annual subscription grants a heavy discount of $45 per user per month, permitting the subscribers to save some extra costs. Under this Zoho CRM pricing option, users can access Advanced BI- combined with Zoho Analytics, a 30-day trial, and enhanced feature limits. 

5. Free Plan

The Zoho CRM pricing guide is incomplete without mentioning its free edition. The signup is free of cost, and you can add upto three users to your account. Users can generate and convert leads, find them online, manage omnichannel marketing, and automate other business activities. This plan also offers 1GB of cloud space for storage purposes.

Zoho CRM pricing

Final Words 

Zoho CRM software has been proven as one of the best CRM software on the web. It has a diverse range of highly affordable subscriptions offering advanced quality services. If you own an e-commerce store or plan to establish a start-up online, you can check out the Zoho CRM pricing options. 

With its commendable automation and smart customization, Zoho CRM has made its mark and lets you stay on top of your business enterprise. So, check out the Zoho CRM pricing plan to benefit from the exclusive deals and get an idea of the cost guide Zoho.

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