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Zoho Desk Pricing: All Price Details

A happy business owes itself to satisfied customers. Managing customer relationships effectively and providing excellent support activities are crucial for any growing company. Small businesses and enterprises use help desk software to meet customer support requirements. Zoho Desk is one of the popular names in this category that helps assign and track user support tickets, prepare reports, and manage contracts. In this article, we’ll cover Zoho Desk pricing plans in detail.

Zoho Desk Pricing

Zoho Desk offers you three plans: Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. It also has a free plan that offers basic features. You can choose to bill annually or monthly. The yearly billing option can save you up to 35% of costs. Here’s the pricing for you. Here’s our list of Zoho Desk’s plan features for you:

Annually (per agent per month)nil₹ 800₹1400₹2400
Monthly (per agent per month)nil₹1300₹2100₹3200
Light agent (per light agent per month)₹345₹34550 free light agents, then ₹345


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The Free Plan

This plan lets you have 3 agents. Under this plan, you can do the following:

  • Ticket management- You can mark tickets as spam, note successfully resolved tickets, and add private comments internally. You can also view the ticket history.
  • Enhance productivity- Viewing a ticket without opening it, formatting responses,  drafting the necessary responses, and using advanced search are all covered. This allows you to search within all modules from one place.
  • Support and automation channels- You can have a self-service channel in multiple languages for your customers and notify them of the progress made on tickets. Use the default email templates to send responses. You can also have a private set of solutions ready for your agents to use.
  • Service level agreements- SLAs allow you to automate agent responses and resolve situations before ticket deadlines. You can also assign an on-hold status to tickets not making progress. 
  • Customer management- You can register user info, make notes for future reference, and assign agents.

The Standard Plan

This plan offers everything the free plan offers and more. There is no agent limit from this plan onwards. Here are the add-on features:

  • Better ticket management- You can do product-based ticket tracking, offer happiness ratings and keep track of the feedback to improve service. Suggestions with relevant FAQ answers can automatically be displayed on the ticket. You can merge, split, and clone tickets and see the ticket entry time. A ticket timeline is also available. 
  • Several shortcuts and pre-made templates are available so your agents can be more productive and manage more users.
  • You can interact with customers with real-time updates in the ticket list and counts.
  • Customer forums and escalation matrixes are valuable features of this plan.
  • You get customizable emails, statuses, and filters to focus on particular tickets.
  • Add Zoho Desk to your domain and a public archive of FAQs for your customers to access.
  • The ASAP widget allows you to establish customer service within your website.

Besides these, the Standard plan has SSO, advanced customer management, more efficient data administration, analytics tools, and all Zoho integrations. Several add-ons like Salesforce, Zapier, and MS Teams are also there.

The Professional Plan

This plan is the most popular as it offers everything the standard plan does plus some special features:

  • From this plan onwards, you can ask for ticket approvals internally, assign tickets to teams of agents, and let agents collaborate over a single ticket if required. You can also send emails to your customers directly.
  • You can review complicated tickets by senior agents and incentivize junior agents for better performance.
  •  Avoid agent collision on a single ticket and chat with the other agent in such a case.
  • Improve customer support channels by integrating with a host telephony provider. You can manage your calls well by setting protocol, call routing based on availability or expertise, call waiting, and call metrics.
  • Optimize SLAs by setting escalation rules for each process step and customizing them for certain customers.
  • This plan offers personalization because you can create unique ticket templates and department layouts.
  • Multi-department management- You can view all departments from one screen and allocate products and email signatures for each.
  •  Help center services become top-notch with increased integrations, multilingual options, and customization.
  • Auto time-tracking of the tickets and defining billing for your agents reduce the hassle and boost efficiency.
  •  It has private extensions for your website and lives chat support for customers.

The Enterprise Plan

Besides the features of the Professional plan, here’s all it offers:

  • You can define protocols for when a field updates or a specific event has to be executed in the integrated Zoho apps.
  • Make custom blueprints for every phase and manage your SLA contracts using advanced features.
  • AI assistance(ZIA)- This is the most amazing feature of this plan. AI can share solutions with customers, analyze users’ moods from the ticket, tag important ticket fields, and point out anomalies in the trends. Customers can chat or talk to ZIA on your website to perform directed actions and get answers to queries.
  • This plan integrates Google Translate to let visitors view ‘help articles’ in multiple languages.
  • The ASAP widget comes with answer bots and lives chat for premium customer support.
  • You can assign multiple brands under the same account and connect one contact to multiple accounts as needed.
  • Easy customer navigation with IVR, brilliant analytics with multi-department reports, and advanced customization are all available under this plan.

Here are further details of what each plan has to offer. 

Ticket tags10203050
Email channels1510100
Feedback widgets111 per department1 per department
Web forms1510 per department20 per department
Macros2515 per department30 per department
Automated Workflows5 per module15 per department per module30 per department per module
Schedules10 per department
Direct assignments to teams and individuals51530
Round-Robin assignments10 per department15 per department
Active blueprints1 per department20 per department
Number of SLAsDefault10 per department20 per department
Business hours11100
Custom fields50 per module150 per module230 per module
Multi-department tracking1050
Contact and product custom fields50150230
Schedule reports100


Make a good decision adhering to your company’s needs to derive the maximum benefits. All plans are very effective for different things. Easy plan switches with no hidden fees assist you in your journey to find the best Zoho Desk plan for your company. You don’t have to pay any set-up fees, and everything is hassle-free, so you can focus on taking your customer management to the next level without worrying.

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