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Zoho Forms: All You Need To Know

Information collection and organization are major objectives for companies today. One of the ways to get customer feedback or data is through forms. A drag-and-drop online form builder that lets you create forms for all possible purposes is, therefore, a must-have. Zoho Forms will eliminate all your form-building worries and give you various other features through the integrated Zoho apps. You can create mobile-friendly forms for campaigns and get great conversion rates. It can work on Android and iOS devices and caters to all business sizes. We’ll list all its features and pricing here.

Features Of Zoho Forms

There’s more you can do with it than creating forms. You can share form links and conduct internal communications via them. Here’s the list of all you can do with Zoho Forms.

1. Create Competent Forms

Zoho offers over 30 field types for data collection. Customize each field property. For example, you can set field validation as ‘mandatory’ or ‘optional’ and avoid ‘repeating sections.’ You can have multiple page forms by categorizing your data into sections. This feature will allow your responders to fill the forms at their convenience without any information loss in cases of partial filling. Skip over irrelevant steps using conditional logic so your users aren’t bored. All fields are optimized to protect client privacy and shield sensitive data.

2. Generate Links Or QRs For Sharing

Once you’ve created forms, the next step is sharing. You can set up permalink URLs or modify links into QR codes to provide easy access to responders. Pasting these links on your social media handles and adding the QR codes make the forms more answerable. Sharing will increase conversion and forms’ visibility online.

3. Notify Responders

With Zoho Forms, you can follow up with confirmation emails to stay connected to your responders. Follow-up emails are essential because they contain necessary invoices or form submission confirmation PDFs. All this reduces the chances of errors and miscommunications while making the whole process more transparent. You can also send SMS follow-ups that inform responders about important dates or timings related to events.

4. Use Integration With MS Teams

Zoho has Microsoft teams integrated where you can view all form responses in one window. You can also track updates and messages from your contacts via the chatbots. Communication within teams can also be facilitated when working collaboratively.

5. Get Detailed Analytics

Comprehensive information on forms’ web activity is available to assess their performance. Based on date and location, you can also view complaints on form errors, conversion rates, and traffic grouping. All these factors help determine campaign success by tracking submission rates from websites and ads.

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Zoho Forms Pricing

You get both a free trial and a free version from Zoho. There are four pricing plans, Basic, Standard, Professional, and Premium. No credit card is needed, and you can cancel anytime you want. The Basic plan is a single-user plan, but the Standard and Professional plans are for small to mid-size businesses. The Premium plan is for enterprises that have a large user base. For a user base of more than 100, you can get a custom plan which doesn’t have a fixed rate.

Monthly billingRs. 700Rs. 1750Rs. 3500Rs. 7000
Yearly subscriptionRs. 580Rs. 1450Rs. 2900Rs. 5800
Pricing table


Uniqueness is always impressive. Zoho Forms stands out among all the online form builders available, mainly due to all the customizations and integrations it brings along. Not only does it help you create forms, but it also lets you share, organize, and analyze them for maximum conversions. The pricing is affordable, considering the array of features it offers. First, pick the most suitable plan for your company, then sit back and watch as your form response rates soar.

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