Zoho workplace pricing

Zoho Workplace Pricing: Cost Guide

Zoho Workplace centralizes all the tools required to build a communicative and healthy working ecosystem. It strives to empower the team to generate optimum output by providing solutions to actual problems. The workplace provides document management, word processors, data analytics, presentation files, etc., all under the same roof. The platform makes it effortless for the users to take their office suite elsewhere, thus working remotely. This article will walk you through the specific Zoho Workplace Pricing plans and some of their crucial functions. Streamline your business journey at the earliest by partnering with Zoho Workplace. 

The Zoho Workplace Pricing

Zoho Workplace Pricing plans are split into various categories. The plans tend to get pricier as the range of features diversifies. Zoho advances a 15-day free trial with various pricing options. The free trial comes with a customizable dashboard, a clean user interface, and marketing functionality. Here is the ultimate cost guide to Zoho Workplace, which will give you minute insights into the platform:

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1. The Forever Free Plan 

Email hosting is available for a single domain, and access is restricted to the web browser only. With this plan, you can indulge in potential social media integrations and have secure cloud storage, sales, and marketing services. Although you cannot leverage the customization and automation features, you get to be a part of the exclusive Zoho Projects family. The free plan under the various Zoho Workplace pricing plans is a decent option to kickstart your business as a beginner. Also, the subscribers have a 5GB attachment limit and upto five users for free.

2. Standard Plan

The Standard plan can be availed at $14 per user per month. It offers audit trails, analytics, reporting, group sharing, etc., under Zoho Docs. While the Zoho Cliq has unlimited private channels with upto 100 members per channel, the Office Suite is packed with Zoho Writer, Sheet, and Show files. The Zoho Mail covers features like email forwarding and recalling, eWidget, email hosting over multiple channels, a business calendar, and so on. The plan includes mass emailing options, workflow conversion tools, custom dashboards, and multiple pipelines. The plan is the most suitable for freelancers and beginners in the industry. 

Zoho workplace pricing

3. Professional Plan

The Professional Plan costs $23 per user monthly, billed annually.

With this plan, users get email retention, white labelling, upto 40 MB of email attachments under Zoho Mail, and unlimited file recovery under Zoho Docs. The Zoho Meeting offers upto ten recordings in cloud storage alongwith screen sharing over video conference to 100 attendees. 

Services like password-protected sharing of documents and unlimited Writer, Show, and Sheet files are provided under the Office Suite. The Zoho Connect, a component of Workplace, permits a face-to-face session,  audience engagement, detailed engagement analytics, and remote session with a maximum of 25 attendees. You can satisfy all your advertising needs with Google Ad integration services.

4. Enterprise Plan 

The Enterprise plan is the most renowned one as users find it highly affordable and packed with the best services. It costs a subscriber $40 a month (billed annually) to avail of the services under this plan. The third paid plan under the Zoho Workplace pricing plans is ideal for big businesses and enterprises. Users can access every service from the Professional plan and leverage advanced customization and Zia, an AI-powered assistant.  All the functions under this plan are highly automated, so you get ample time to polish your core areas. The multi-user portals enable seamless integration by collaborating the teammates over a single platform.

5. Ultimate Plan 

The above plan advances every feature of the prominent Enterprise plan alongside enhanced feature limits. The Ultimate plan starts at $52 per user per month and is also billed annually. For those who wish to get a brief about the plan before subscribing, you can access a 30-day trial. The Canvas under this plan provides 25 views per module in addition to advanced BI, paired with Zoho Analytics. Document automation provides advanced suggestions, while cloud storage and customization tend to improve. You can access the most premium tools of the Zoho Docs, Cliq, Meeting, Writer, Office Suite, and other Zoho platforms.

Ultimate plan

6. Plus Plan

$57 The final subscription under the Zoho Workplace Pricing options is called the Plus Plan. It is slightly more expensive than the Ultimate plan and is available at $57 per user per month, billed annually. Alongside the features of the Ultimate plan, it offers excellent chatbot and messaging services to connect with clients. Subscribers are granted access to Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and Instagram DMs, website live chat options, and a website visitor tracker. The visitor tracking tool is pre-built so that users do not have to integrate with external platforms to track the progress of their visitors. The website chatbot offered under the Plus Plan allows upto ten members.

Zoho workplace pricing

Zoho Cost Guide: An Overview: 

We have an in-depth analysis of the Zoho Workplace Pricing. To help you indulge in critical thinking and make a prudent decision, we have prepared a tabular form of the cost guide. The following points will clear all your doubts, enabling you better to acquaint yourself with the pricing plans of Zoho:

Price Forever free  $14/user/month$23/user/month$40/user/month$52/user/month$57/user/month
Lead ScoringNoYesYesYesYesYes
SupportBasicStandardLive chat, phone and emailStandard24/7 live support24/7 live support
Custom ReportsNoUpto 100YesYesYesYes

Final Words

Zoho Workplace comprises a range of robust features. You can collaborate and integrate with clients via WorkDrive, Connect, and Showtime on Zoho. Communicate with potential customers to provide community support with Zoho Mail, Cliq, and Meeting. The Zoho Office Suite simplest your documentation by providing Zoho Writer, Sheet, and Show. These are only snippets of tools from the large portfolio of business tools under the Zoho family. If you partner with Zoho, your business or agency prospers immensely. The flexible pricing options offered by Zoho are suitable for each business type. We have covered all the price tiers of the Zoho Workplace pricing plans so that your sales outgrow your investments.

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