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Zoho Writer Add-on: What is it? 

An online word processing software, Zoho Writer, enables users to edit and access documents from a single platform. It belongs to the Zoho Workplace family and can be accessed via desktops (online and offline) and mobile phones. Zoho Writer is ideal for anyone in the legal department, insurance providers, government organisations, corporate agencies, etc. The distraction-free user interface enables easy sharing of content over various platforms. The best part about working with this software is that it comes for free and also offers 5GB of cloud storage. With its remarkable writing and editing tools, Writer is best-suitable for setting up business in today’s virtual marketplace.

Features of Zoho Writer

Zoho Writer is an excellent alternative to Microsoft Word and Google Docs. It has all the features of Word alongside some specialisations, all available under an affordable range.

The seven most prominent features of Writer are handpicked from a portfolio of extensive tools. Check out the list to make the best use of the multiple functionalities of Writer for your business: 

1. Formatting and Editing Tools

Real-time creative editing is made available to freelancers, startups and even large enterprises. Users can avail themselves of basic editing tools like bold fonts and access premium features like hyperlinking and importing videos. Sentence paraphrasing and formatting come easily even to beginners with Writer. The interactive document tool allows format flexibility while creating documents like quizzes, forms, polls, assignments, surveys, etc. 

2. Automated Documentation

Workflow automation is enabled by Zoho Writer to save you the hassle of creating and formatting documents. It offers powerful third-party integrations, so you do not have to spend unnecessary time on manual tasks. It has extensive features offering automated document mergers, templates to receive e-signatures, fillable forms, etc. The Writer auto-saves your work in case of some emergency or when you simply forget to save it. It strives toward transforming the way any virtual business or organisation works.

Zoho Writer

3. A Writing Assistant 

Zoho Writer has a personal writing assistant called Zia to aid all its customers. The multilingual, AI-powered assistant comes to your service 24/7. The assistant is trained to facilitate better writing, editing and revising content. Zia comes with features like the readability score to know the difficulty level of your content, a cliche scanner, a grammar checker and much more. It works in the background to refine your content by comprehending the context of each sentence.


4. Merging Documents 

A suite of merge tools is available to maximise productivity and efficiency while working with Zoho Writer.  You can easily track merges, create folders of merged documents, add personalised attachments, send bulk emails, etc. The pre-built templates can be used to create labels and envelopes. To merge documents in three simple steps, you must first set up templates, import data from different sources and distribute merged documents over multiple channels.

Zoho Writer

5. Availability over Devices

Zoho Writer is available over various platforms from Android and iOS to macOS desktops, Linux PCs and Windows systems. Users can access the same functions and tools, irrespective of the device. You can easily download the app on all devices and access it even when users do not have internet connectivity. If you are offline, you can continue with your work, and when the connection is restored, your data gets synced to the account automatically. 


6. Easy to Use Interface 

Provides exclusive real-time collaboration services enabling users to connect directly over the document. The advanced search options enable users to surf through the browser painlessly. It will reduce the timspentnd on customisation, and executives can focus on their core areas. Users can conveniently collaborate with Zoho Chat to address their queries or have a one-to-one interaction. You can even customise your interface by adding drag-and-drop menus to it. Users can also develop presentation files and spreadsheets while working with Writer. 

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Zoho Writer

7. Security Options 

The software gives utmost importance to the privacy of its users and believes in data compliance.  You have to lock up your documents from your collaborators and open them only during the essential changes. If you and your teammates have settled on a document, you can finalise it to prevent any more editing. Owners can also have complete control over granting document access and permissions to execute various functions. The high-performing safety measures make Writer a reliable and trustworthy platform.

Pros and Cons of Zoho Writer 

Every other application, software or web browser has some or other flaws. Likewise, Zoho Writer is not a perfect platform, but it does believe in driving businesses towards perfection. To get deeper insights into the whole package of this word processor, we have curated a well-researched table for you. Below is a list of the negatives and positives of Writer, which will help users make a well-informed decision:

A multitude of template designs are available.The software lags behind a little bit.
The Writer provides a clutter-free and modern UI.Autocorrect features are missing, and no checks on spelling either.
It can be accessed offline, online, and on mobile apps.The technical aspects are more or less similar to the traditional editors.
You can use Zoho Writer for free.Users do not get to modify the master documents.
Connecting in real-time with teammates is made possible.
End-to-end document automation is offered.
Enables users to add emoticons and comments to the text.

Final Thoughts 

With Zoho Writer, file sharing and editing have become a breeze. The software believes in increasing user productivity and thus eliminates smoke signalling by permitting real-time collaboration on documents. The extensive range of business tools Zoho offers makes writing and editing possible with a few mouse clicks. You can cut communication expenses, focus on value-adding activities, and access a well-designed plugin.

Word Processor is an expert platform for anybody who wants to ace digital marketing. If you desire to establish a virtual business community or switch from MS Word, Zoho is your ideal workplace. The verstaility of this word processor will let you craft text, edit, review, integrate and publish your content without having to switch tabs.

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